Artist in residence (China)

Artist in residence

There are various reasons why artists like to do an residency. I think every artist will agree on the fact that once a while a complete new working environment will motivate and provide new skills and approaches.
Hereby we give you a small compilation about Canadian artist Kevin Ledo who’s  is now doing an artist in residence in China.

Kevin Ledo at Jardin Orange in Shenzhen, China. Artist in residence. By Amsterdam Street Art

Kevin Ledo: 

I’ve been doing a residency at Jardin Orange here in Shenzhen, China, for 5 weeks. I’ve been mostly focusing on oil and gold leaf paintings, but had to squeeze in a mural!


Kevin Ledo at Jardin Orange in Shenzhen, China. Artist in residence. By Amsterdam Street Art

Kevin Ledo at Jardin Orange in Shenzhen, China. Artist in residence. By Amsterdam Street Art

It’s been almost non stop work, and whenever I get the chance I check out the city. I love to eat the delicious food, check out the insane architecture and mix into the big crowds. It’s a very new and interesting city, with lots of potential to be leading the way in China’s future.

Kevin Ledo at Jardin Orange in Shenzhen, China. Artist in residence. By Amsterdam Street Art

Jardin Orange
is great, I have a sweet pad and a great big studio to work in. I painted the mural directly on the Jardin Orange building.

Kevin Ledo at Jardin Orange in Shenzhen, China. Artist in residence. By Amsterdam Street Art

Finished mural “Flow the Chi” is done with latex and spray paint, about 24 feet high.  Despite the off and on rain, I managed to pull this off.
Thanks to Jardin Orange for the hook ups, Feng Ya Ping for being my model and for @rlevices for helping me photograph her.

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Check out his work at:

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Kamp Seedorf

Kamp Seedorf

A Street Art collective from Almere, a city close to Amsterdam.

Kamp Seedorf, they got their name of the famous football player Clarence Seedorf and are active on the streets for many years now. Their work is mostly football related but they have various inspiring themes. Amsterdam Street Art gave this cool collective their first opportunity to be part of a gallery show “Beyond the Streets” in the GO Gallery. After this show their work was exposed in many galleries and even in the Amsterdam museum.

It’s always nice to see new work of these creative guys. Check out their work and don’t forget to check their website and webshop.

Street Art, Urban art, Kamp Seedorf, Paste-up, Ajax, Amsterdam Street Art

Gerard “Samson” den Haan

Street Art, Urban art, Kamp Seedorf, Paste-up, Ajax, Amsterdam Street Art

Rene Higuita.

Jari Litmanen, Street Art, Urban art, Kamp Seedorf, Paste-up, Ajax, Amsterdam Street Art

Jari Litmanen

Clarence Seedorf, Street Art, Urban art, Kamp Seedorf, Paste-up, Ajax, Amsterdam Street Art

Clarence Seedorf

Eric Cantona, Street Art, Urban art, Kamp Seedorf, Paste-up, Ajax, Amsterdam Street Art

Eric Cantona

Diego Maradona, Street Art, Urban art, Kamp Seedorf, Paste-up, Ajax, Amsterdam Street Art

Diego Maradona

Clarence Seedorf, Street Art, Urban art, Kamp Seedorf, Paste-up, Ajax, Amsterdam Street Art

Clarence Seedorf

Photos: via Kamp Seedorf

Amazing murals of Aryz

Amazing murals of Aryz

Aryz, Street Art, Urban art, Mural, Graffiti, Amsterdam Street Art, ASA

Spain is more then just tappa’s and cava. We introduce you Spanish master of Street Art ARYZ.
We are big fan of his work so check out these stunning murals from all over the globe.

Aryz, Street Art, Urban art, Mural, Graffiti, Amsterdam Street Art, ASA

Together with some of his best friends he is part of the crew: MixedMedia

Aryz, Street Art, Urban art, Mural, Graffiti, Amsterdam Street Art, ASA

Aryz, Street Art, Urban art, Mural, Graffiti, Amsterdam Street Art, ASA

Aryz, Street Art, Urban art, Mural, Graffiti, Amsterdam Street Art, ASA

Check his website and his webshop

Aryz, Street Art, Urban art, Mural, Graffiti, Amsterdam Street Art, ASA


Aryz, Street Art, Urban art, Mural, Graffiti, Amsterdam Street Art, ASA

Yes you should feel inspired and go out on the streets !!!


Happy street art easter

Happy street art easter

Check out these great eastern bunnies made by artists from all over the world!

We wish everybody happy easter, And enjoy the content!

Nice wall art by artist: RZM DBL, ‘Easter Jam’ (Ghost Hunter Frankfurt)

Nychos Kills the wall again with some great art!

Great sculpture by Michael Parekowhai – Jim McMurtry

Great painted sculpture bunny by Hugo Kaagman

Ghetto-easter-graffiti easter__by_scorpionblaze

Happy eⒶster riot – by artist Goin

Last but not least, A crazy sculpture by artist Bordalo

I hope you enjoy the photo’s and have a great weekend!


Is Amsterdam reclaiming the title?


Is Amsterdam reclaiming the title?


The Netherlands is known for it’s liberal laws amongst cannabis and prostitution but it might even have a stronger love connection with its art-scene. The works of artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh are still highly visited by tourists on a daily basis but the old masters aren’t the only ones that are admired in museums.  Imagine, you’re a graffiti-writer and you get handed the keys to a big warehouse. For the majority of us it’s only a dream but Peter Ernst Coolen is one of the lucky ones in this world. Currently the Dutchman is building one of the largest street-art museums (Street Art Today Museum) in the world and it is taking shape.  If everything goes according to plan the Museum will open in 2018 and it’s going to be a must see attraction for art-lovers. Is Amsterdam reclaiming the title: “Graffiti capital of the world”?

– Written by Ard Doko


While “Graffiti capital of the world” might sound pretentious to some, the Dutch make a strong case in claiming that title. The first wave of graffiti in Amsterdam can be traced back to the late 70’s with artists like Hugo Kaagman and Ivar Vics (A.K.A Dr. RAT) who both originated from the Amsterdam Punk scene. With a stencil on request service, graffiti hotspots and pop-up galleries, the scene was creating a solid foundation for the future of urban-art in Amsterdam. The real claim to fame happened in 1983 when the Yaki Kornblit Gallery flew over US writers Blade, Dondi and Quick to exhibit their work, this was the first time that US graffiti was exhibited outside of America.  One of the things the US writers admired was the major development in style shown by the local artists like, Calligraffiti legend, Niels “Shoe” Meulman.


The Street Art Today museum is taking a similar approach to his predecessor by flying in artists like Eduardo Kobra (who did a stunning portrait of Anne Frank that can be seen on the outside wall), Nils Westergard, Steve Locatelli and many more.  Besides flying in world renowned artists, Coolen also picked up installations by Phibs, Base23 and Dan Leo that were made at the Roskilde festival in Denmark. If you expect to see painting sized canvases on a white wall you’re wrong. Already there are 100 pieces from all over the world with sizes of 30 feet by 16 feet and even a 90-foot canvas.  If you read this and feel the urge to head over to one of the biggest graffiti shops, stack up all the material and squat a warehouse to do the same you’re in luck. The winner of the young talent award at the Dutch Street Art awards (you heard that right) is getting an amazing price. A full treatment at the biggest street art museum that includes: a canvas, material, food, drinks, a spot in the museum and 1 hotel night in Amsterdam.

And the winner is..

Forget about the Oscars, the real action is happening on June 2nd in the “Posthoorn Kerk” in Amsterdam with the second installment of the Dutch Street Art Awards (organized by Boomerang Create and Amsterdam Street Art). That night, artists in various categories (a few of them are: Young talent, Dutch mural, Global mural, Greatest Gallery) are competing for the greatest acknowledgement an artist can get. But that’s not all, among the prizes are: a year supply by MTN 94 and Henxs, a chance to curate their own exhibition at O.D Gallery, an all inclusive trip to Aruba Art Fair 2017 or like I wrote earlier a spot in the biggest Street Art museum of the world. It really shows that Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands (Don’t forget the various street-art festivals like Kings of Colors in Den Bosch) is aiming to get to reclaim the title of “Graffiti Capital of the world” and that is something I (as an artist and art-lover) only can admire.

sneakers, art, streetart, urbanart, sneakerheads, graffiti, amsterdam

Sneakers and art a state of mind

Sneakers and art a state of mind

Like most of the street cats the graffiti/ street artists will rock fresh kicks all day everyday and create art for there own favorites sneakers around the globe! This is what we’re gonna talk about: Sneakers and art a state of mind. 
Here are a couple of great examples!

This dope wall is created by BOA, HOCUS & DURO256

Sneakers and art
Created for sneakerness Amsterdam by artists Dopie & Shek

Shek & Dopie

Dope wall painting by artist INSANE 51

Sneakers and art

Check out the work by Shiekh Shoes

Sneakers and art

Sick  Sneaker Tectonics by Chris LaBrooy

Sneakers and art

Gotto love these! Wall painted by GREMS

Sneakers and art

As you can see everybody has his own favourite! Please check out this sick documentary about sneakers!

Just for Kicks (2005)

Walls of Connection Rotterdam

Have you ever felt scared for the future of the world?
Don’t be, there is a revolution going on and even better, you can be a part of it!

MasterPeace is a global grassroots non-profit and non-governmental peace movement that aims to mobilize people around the world to use their talent for peace building and togetherness. Founded in 2011, the movement has created various projects in combination with music, art, sports and dialogue in order to lay a foundation for a more sustainable world with less (armed) conflict. In 2013, MasterPeace received the ‘innovation in peace building’ award by UN General Secretary Mr.Ban Ki-moon on behalf of the United Nations Correspondents Association.

‘Let’s Colour Walls of Connection’ is an art and dialogue project that aims to create togetherness in communities all over the world by transforming the dull gray walls into beautiful murals with the locals. On the 23th of March MasterPeace joined forces with paint company AkzoNobel and 100 students of the Alberta College to kick off their wave of connecting murals, starting in Rotterdam. Céline van Dormalen who organized the event sat down with ASA to explain more about this great project.

-Written by Ard Doko

Hi Céline, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. In your own words, what exactly is MasterPeace?

We are a youth movement that aims to create peace in communities. Our main focus lies in mobilizing youth through various projects related to art and music. With these projects we are creating options for dialogue. I noticed that because of this, we learn to speak our minds and listen to other people’s opinion, creating a base of understanding for each other. I believe that empathy and connection is the main key to a great society. It’s amazing that it all starts with an idea and later on expands into a global campaign. Whether it’s in Colombia, Mali or even Nepal, people are coming together and starting sustainable projects in their communities.

MasterPeace transformed a lot of walls around the world in the course of the years, often in countries with major economical problems, social inequality or those that have been affected by war in the past 20 years. The Netherlands is the first West-European country where the Let’s Colour Walls of Connection project is being held, why did you choose The Netherlands?

First of all, our office is in Utrecht, The Netherlands but the main reason is that we are seeing an increase of polarization in Europe. It feels a lot like “Us versus them” and especially in the big cities, there is a lot of inequality. I have the feeling that a lot of today’s youth feel that they are stuck due to the expectations of society and that is something that is also happening in The Netherlands. On one hand, we’re aware of those problems on the other hand, we want to bend that negativity into something positive. If we emphasize that the world isn’t pretty we’re excluding room for positivity. The mindset has to change.

You said that the youth felt stuck due to the expectations of society, what are those expectations?

If I look back on all the conversations I had with the students at the Albeda College it all comes down to; having a good job, going on vacation, buying new clothes every month and the general feeling of being a part of something. Not everyone has those tools and feels left out in their community. On a broader scale, kids these days have to decide pretty fast what they want to become in life and working towards that goal. Some kids are late bloomers, what about them?

Are the expectations that you just stated new or are these recurring problems and perhaps more visible now a days?

I believe that when my parents were young they had to deal with expectations of that time as well. You will always, especially if you are young, have to deal with the fact that you have different ideas about the world. Kids need to go out to experience and see the world in order to develop. And you know what? It’s okay to choose a different path or make mistakes. I believe it was easier in the past, mistakes weren’t as visible as now a days. Snapchat and Instagram weren’t around to show other peoples success or mistakes. The way we communicate has also changed, everything is much more direct.

The keyword of your project is ‘connection’, in the current digital era it is possible to talk to someone that lives 4000 miles away from you, what kind of connection are you looking for?

We aim to create more togetherness in the world. Art is a way to spark conversation, not only in society but also in communities. Art can show you a raw and harsh reality of what is happening in the world but it can also take you to a world of imagination. You can look at a wall together and ask; what do you see, what is your opinion about that subject? That is how you start a dialogue. All around the world we are creating these murals and everyone joins in the help out with the design and painting them. It’s amazing that you can see a wall in Rotterdam that is inspired by a wall in Nepal, it feels like the whole world is coming together because of art.

Dutch Minister of Home affairs Ronald Plasterk amongst students of Albeda College stated he is in favor of more public art projects like “Let’s Color Walls of Connection” in communities.

What can you tell me about the background of the students that participated?

They are all beautiful people with a lot of ambition. Some of them have experienced a lot in life, some of them have emotional baggage and some of them feel like they are getting a second chance like, I’m 24 with two kids but I’m still going to start an education in order to improve my life. These kids are the symbol of resilience and that is what it’s all about.

You already told a bit about the creative process behind the mural, what does the mural symbolize?

The mural symbolizes the current issues the youth is facing. They’re stuck sometimes and the question is, how do I cope with it? How can I bend it in a way that there is a positive result? If you look at the mural you can see that there is a pattern. Every system has a pattern but what happens if you color that pattern? It also symbolizes the will to get higher up in life (points at the staircase structure) and that everything is connected. So even though you feel stuck inside the system sometimes, the system is dynamic. I believe the graphic designers of “Het Proces” (Dutch for the process) knew exactly how to put those issues and feelings in one big design.

The finished mural


You are planning on doing more murals all over the world this time, a 100 to be exact. Are you planning on doing more murals in The Netherlands?

We’re not focusing on The Netherlands alone, the murals in Barcelona and Paris for example are just as important. I’m looking forward to the themes we have in The Netherlands but let’s look at the global perspective. A mural in Indonesia should impress me just as much as the one in The Netherlands.

Thank you for your time.

Are you an artist that wants to take part in this project click the link:

For more info about walls of connection click here:

For general information about MasterPeace click here:

Rappers forever on the streets of New York

Rappers forever on the streets of New York, in memorial pieces RIP forever and thanks for the music.

RIP Jam Master Jay RUN DMC by artist Art.1

RIP BIG L isten Columbo you’re mad because your money come slow And what you make in a year I make in one show. By Artist CantUndo

RIP Sean P Piece created by Meresone P! … Nahmean? Real talk
On some “Brokest Rapper You Know” type shit nahmean?
Do the knowledge

RIP BIG PUN by artist Erika Ramirez I got the sweetest heist, million in cash, another 3 in ice Who can I trust? Cuban’ll bust plus

RIP ODB Wu-Tang  By artist Baaith & Brew2 Keep MCs in check like a game of chess

RIP Biggie Smalls By artists Rocko_nyc Zimer_nyc Spreadartnyc Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way

Legends will never fade away!

The Handsome Handshake collection

Today we accidentally ran into a few interesting painted handshakes that we love to share with you.
Check out this handsome handshake by Klaas Lageweg, made Zuidhorn, the Netherlands

Another handsome handshake by: Bikismo in New York. (photo: Streetartnews)

Handsome railway shake by: BordaloII in Portugal.


Good intention handshake. Photo by: Kitchou BRY

Crazy handshake by Case Maclaim

Handshake board sculpture made by: Haroshi

Dope Handshake by Jeaze 5.7 crew

Keep hand shaking alive and shake hands!
Have a great tuesday!

#Dubai Canvas 2017 “The adventure”

#Dubai Canvas 2017

As media partners of #Dubai canvas 2017 I had the pleasure to visit Dubai for 5 days. After a 8.5 hour flight with Royal Jordanian I landed in Dubai, where I stayed in the LaVille Hotel. The staff was very kind to help me to my room, especially the shower was great. They also had a swimming pool with a bar, this was located on the roof. Check this great 360 video of the view.The hotel is brand new and is directly located on the CityWalk, where the event also took place. They’ve build 25 spots on the square in the middle of the shopping street, each spot specially made on the request of the artist.

#Dubai Canvas 2017


After a week of working on their paintings the artists all finished on the 1st of March at 19:00 local time. This was the moment to finally relax for all the artists. With some of the artists we went up to the pool area of the hotel for a swim and some well deserved beers. That evening the organization took us all out to the dessert where we visited an Arabic themed dinner show included with a free camel ride and belly dancers. They really did their best to entertain everyone that night.

The next day the 5 headed jury made their decision. On the 4th of March the first 3 places and the public’s favorite were announced at the award ceremony, where a total price money of $6000.000 for the winners was given away by the organization Brand Dubia.

Here are the photos of the winning artists



Danila ShmelevLeon KeerTomotero



We had a great time, thanks to everyone involved. Our special thanks goes out to Brand Dubai and StreetArtNews for all their help and the invite.


We really had a great stay. check the photo reportage and here is the link to our LIVE videos at the event.



#Dubai Canvas 2017From above. Photo is made by a drone.



#Dubai Canvas 2017Event stage at night.
#Dubai Canvas 2017Another great local talent working on a great artwork.



#Dubai Canvas 2017Dutch master Ruben Poncia looking concentrated to perform.
#Dubai Canvas 2017Local Emirate talent working on her masterpiece.


#Dubai Canvas 2017Britain’s got talent. MR Fanakapan doing the thing he does best. Realistic balloons that pop off your wall.



#Dubai Canvas 2017“KAS” From Portugal (living in Belgium) making his calculations at the beginning of his artwork.
#Dubai Canvas 2017Italian talent “Vera Bugatti” in total control over her brush.


#Dubai Canvas 2017German artist Ella Mundt at work on her stunning 3D piece


#Dubai Canvas 2017Portugese master of 3D styles “Odeith” at work