Happy street art easter

Happy street art easter

Check out these great eastern bunnies made by artists from all over the world!

We wish everybody happy easter, And enjoy the content!

Nice wall art by artist: RZM DBL, ‘Easter Jam’ (Ghost Hunter Frankfurt)

Nychos Kills the wall again with some great art!

Great sculpture by Michael Parekowhai – Jim McMurtry

Great painted sculpture bunny by Hugo Kaagman

Ghetto-easter-graffiti easter__by_scorpionblaze

Happy eⒶster riot – by artist Goin

Last but not least, A crazy sculpture by artist Bordalo

I hope you enjoy the photo’s and have a great weekend!



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Sneakers and art a state of mind

Sneakers and art a state of mind

Like most of the street cats the graffiti/ street artists will rock fresh kicks all day everyday and create art for there own favorites sneakers around the globe! This is what we’re gonna talk about: Sneakers and art a state of mind. 
Here are a couple of great examples!

This dope wall is created by BOA, HOCUS & DURO256

Sneakers and art
Created for sneakerness Amsterdam by artists Dopie & Shek

Shek & Dopie

Dope wall painting by artist INSANE 51

Sneakers and art

Check out the work by Shiekh Shoes

Sneakers and art

Sick  Sneaker Tectonics by Chris LaBrooy

Sneakers and art

Gotto love these! Wall painted by GREMS

Sneakers and art

As you can see everybody has his own favourite! Please check out this sick documentary about sneakers!

Just for Kicks (2005)

Rappers forever on the streets of New York

Rappers forever on the streets of New York, in memorial pieces RIP forever and thanks for the music.

RIP Jam Master Jay RUN DMC by artist Art.1

RIP BIG L isten Columbo you’re mad because your money come slow And what you make in a year I make in one show. By Artist CantUndo

RIP Sean P Piece created by Meresone P! … Nahmean? Real talk
On some “Brokest Rapper You Know” type shit nahmean?
Do the knowledge

RIP BIG PUN by artist Erika Ramirez I got the sweetest heist, million in cash, another 3 in ice Who can I trust? Cuban’ll bust plus

RIP ODB Wu-Tang  By artist Baaith & Brew2 Keep MCs in check like a game of chess

RIP Biggie Smalls By artists Rocko_nyc Zimer_nyc Spreadartnyc Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way

Legends will never fade away!

Street__Art Photographers

Street_Art and Ephemeral are two words that seem to live a never ending “love/hate” story. Street artists assume that, sooner or later, their interventions and artistic creations will be gone with the wind… so the need to document Street_Art works before they are “gone” is inherent to the nature of Street_Art itself. Therefore, the role of photographers becomes critical so as to preserve Street_Art for the future. Not only in terms of historical documentation, but also they provide images of the process of creation, the reaction of public,  the artistic scene, the social and political atmosphere of different neighbourhoods,  urban areas and cities. Somehow, they can modify the way we, as spectators, perceive urban art. And on the other hand, they boost street art and artists when uploading their photos in the web and woks can be seen worldwide.

Photo by Keegan Gibbs. The emotions of Street_Art creative process

Photo by Keegan Gibbs. The emotions of Street_Art creative process

Photographers´ styles differ in what they focus their cameras on. Some provide a wide documentation of Street_Art during a period of time, like Matha Cooper, who documented graffiti scene during the 80´s in New York. Others rather outline the act of artistic creation itself,  like Nils Müller, others choose to prioritize the artists …You may found a wider photographers classification depending on what they focus on in the widewalls web.

The artist in the center: Keegan Gibbs focusess on the artists themselves. He follows the graffiti writers around the city when they work with spray-cans on walls and rooftops. Keegan is able to translate the emotion and atmosphere of the creation process to his photographies.

Street art history in the center: Martha Cooper is an American photojournalist famous for documenting the New York subway tagging in the 80´s and the birth of street art. She followed the writers on their subway tours aiming to document the painting within their real context. Her world-wide famous book Subway art, a porfolio of graffiti tagging was the result. Martha Cooper also released Hip Hop Files, R.I.P. New York Spraycan Memorials and From Here to Fame.

Photo by Martha Cooper - The history of graffiti in New York

Photo by Martha Cooper – The history of graffiti in New York

The act of creation in the center: Nils Müller

This photographer focuses on the act of creation and the emotions involved in it. His visual language is sophisticated and tries to show their personalities. Recently, he releases Vandals in which he provides  insight into a hidden movement that is dangerously appealing. Instead of simply photographing the finished works, Müller documents the process behind it. Formerely, he published Bluetezeit, also documenting the graffiti painting processs.

Photo by Nils Müller - Focus on process and emotions

Photo by Nils Müller – Focus on process and emotions

Politicial action in the center: JR is a French street artist photographer whose identity is unconfirmed. He focuses on social and political issues and many of his projects are not legal, however he managed to win the TED Prize because his work tries to change the world generating public awareness on different social and political issues.


Photo by JR- Social criticism in Street_Art

Photo by JR- Social criticism in Street_Art

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