For the seventh time this year, the festival Mural Istanbul took place. This edition was held in two different municipalities of Istanbul between June 20th and 16th September with a short break from the festivities during August. Even though the 2018 edition started slightly later than planned after a deluge of rain during the last week, it again was a huge success! The district of KADIKÖY held the first part of the festival. KADIKÖY saw five artists add to the murals from previous years. Continue reading to check out how the first five murals enrich the city!

Work made by Artez, including a tribute to his dog

Beautiful Journey

Artez is a Belgrade based artist, known for his mix between photo-realism, illustration and use of vibrant colors. He completed the first of this year’s murals with this piece titled “Beautiful Journey”. The mural is of a friend of Artez’s who is depicted reading a book about a journey in Turkey. The items surrounding the character show what he imagines whilst reading the book. Artez dedicated the wall to his dog Luna who passed away one week before the festival. On the bottom left of the wall you can see a picture frame filled with Luna’s face. A beautiful tribute, that makes the work extra personal.

An epic tiger

Brazilian artist Arlin was the second artist up. He completed this epic geometric tiger in eight days. Animals are the principle theme in Arlin’s work because he likes to show how nature is fragmented by the modern world. The placement of this wall really adds to the piece with the tiger appearing to be attacking the train line that runs below it.

left: work by Arlin. right: work by Lonac


Croatian muralist Lonac was one of this year’s invitees and he left behind this large scale wall titled “Intermission”. This was Lonac’s first time using acrylic and spray on such a large wall. But I think, if I didn’t told you, you wouldn’t know. The mural depicts the artists friend Tina taking some time out on a chair with a book. Something a lot of us should find some more time to do.

I love the boombox

Turkish graffiti artist Omeria created this insane mural in just five days. The artist, clearly influenced by hip hop, used acrylics and spray to complete the colorful and creative wall. I can only really describe the piece as of a crazed looking multi armed cartoon spray can who is also happens to be a b-boy/graffiti artist. Omeria’s tag is at the bottom of the character. I love the boombox the character is holding under his arm.

work made by Omeria


The robotic ram

Last up on part one is this wall by Turkish street artist Max On Duty. This wall was an unexpected bonus for the organizers. It was done on the last two days of the first part of the event. The theme of Max’s work is futuristic characters from other worlds or times. This mural is of a robotic armored ram which he has done in two of my favorite colors, green and purple. This was Max’s first wall on such a scale but like Lonac, you would never guess.

work by Max

All these stunning murals were made during the first part of Mural Istanbul. Check out the murals during the second part of the festival in our Mural Istanbul Part 2 which is also online now!


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