A meeting with Angst

What achievement makes you the most proud ?

I am most proud of the fact I am still going strong after thirty-five years. I still go out at night plus making my street art stencils, can’t imagine me not doing this.


Favourite Dutch food ( if you know anything of course )

Broodje frikadel speciaal. I can eat it anytime anyplace anywhere.

From who did you learn the most ?

I learn from everybody. These days you just look at a tutorial on youtube, but back in the day we learned from each other, inspiring each other and I never stopped. I still enjoy watching other artists and all kinds of art.


What do you really love ?

I really love traveling and exploring new places.

Which museum you like to curate for 1 exhibition

The Gemeente Museum Den Haag (Municipal Museum The Hague) would be great to see some street art and graffiti there. Den Haag could do with a street art-injection, now they’re running a bit behind compared to big cities and that’s a shame. Street art deserves a platform, and the Gemeente Museum would be a great location.


With who would you like to do a collaboration ?

Lots of artist, but especially stencil artists like; Logan Hicks, Christian Guémy (C215), I would love to see there creative process.



 What is your biggest disappointment ?

I wish I could create more! I really wish I could just paint every day. But I am a perfectionist so it takes longer to finish work that I am completely happy with.

Which exhibition that you have seen, inspired you the most

Maybe not a typical exhibition but the ‘Grolsch 400 year event’ was great. I really loved to see so many artist at work around me. Very inspiring and lots of fun.


Who would you like to be for 1 day ?

Difficult question. What to choose…


Rembrandt or Mondriaan and why ?

Rembrandt. His portraits are wonderful. I feel connected to his work since I like to work with beautiful portraits myself.  Although I do like patterns like Mondriaan used for my background, I still choose Rembrandt.


What is your best quality ?

I am a do-er. When I see a nice spot for a stencil outside, I organise it. But also in my work, I like to keep on going.  Not repeating the same trick over and over, but keep evolving.


Favourite Song

Are you asking my favorite colour next? Don’t really have one in particular, it depends on my mood.


Do you have a (strange) ritual ?

Somethings are better kept in private 


When is the last time you had to cry ?

Recently, When a friend passed away.


Favourite movie

I love watching movies and tv series, the list would be too long.


What is your goal for this year ?

Doing what I love, with the people I love.


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