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Several days a week our authors serve you the latest news, interviews, background stories, opinion pieces and reviews, everything (street) art related. Let us introduce you to our writers and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like one of our editors to create content about your creative project, exhibition or event.


Founder / Author

This is Jarno. At a young age, Jarno started doing graffiti in and around Amsterdam, where he was born. He always wanted to bring more colors to the streets and share his love for street art. From his passion and belief, he started Amsterdam Street Art in 2010. And with success. Besides being ASA’s Art Director, Jarno is still working as a (street) artist and always busy with sharing new street art on our Instagram. During his traveling, he sees a lot of new work. This in combination with his opinion about almost everything makes Jarno the perfect person to write articles about new murals and interview both well-known names in the street art scene as upcoming artists. He believes promoting both make ASA the strong platform it is.



Meet Lars, a born and raised Amsterdammer. He notices every detail on the street and has his own opinion about how things should be designed. With his background in graphic design, photography and street art he created an eye for detail, sometimes even noticing mistakes in designs. For example; he hates incorrect use of the Amsterdam Andreas crosses and notices it all the time. As ASA’s Creative Director, he does not write articles often but when he does, you are sure it will go viral. Lars is not afraid to share his opinion about current events he does not agree with. Keep checking his writings if you are in the mood for some rebellion.



Growing up in a house full of art, Camee has always been surrounded by creativity. But even though seeing so much art during her younger years, it was only in the course of her fashion studies that she found out she wants to work in the art scene. After following all art-related school subjects, her passion grows and Camee discovers her talent to translate her thoughts about art on paper and to write about unique, one of a kind art pieces that people don’t naturally understand. Via her writings, Camee shows people how to look at and appreciate art and therefore bridges the gap between artists, the stories behind their artworks and those who are interested and want to learn more about street art. Camee is a great match with Amsterdam Street Art as she exactly knows how to explain and therefore learns people to appreciate the art movement more.



Lewis is a Scottish street art photographer and blogger based in Barcelona who goes by the name of No Grey Walls. The name is an obvious one, less grey, more color on the streets. Lewis has been interested in street art for as long as he can remember but in his younger days felt like he was getting in the way of passers-by when stopping to take photos on busy streets. All that changed 3 years ago when he moved to Barcelona. It was at this point that Lewis decided to truly dedicate himself to the street art scene and document everything from huge murals to legal walls to the tiniest of stickers. Now he is happy to get in people’s way all day every day to get the shot he wants! On our website, Lewis shows you new murals, tells you the story behind a festival or project and invites artists to tell more about themselves.



Ard Doko was born in the high north of the Netherlands. Growing up he escaped daily life by making installations on the streets of Den Helder. His love for art was born, and besides making art, he started sucking up all the information he could find about graffiti and street art. Ard has huge knowledge about art movements and how they relate to street art. He knows the history of how graffiti and later street art originated, which makes his articles and interviews in-depth and informative. Because of all the information that he has taken, he can, therefore, substantiate his opinion well, sometimes making you think or feel different than you expected.



Andrés was born in Guadalajara, México. The social and cultural background he was raised in made him develop a fascination for art and urbanism. Everywhere he looks, he sees art coexisting with the city. While studying his bachelor’s degree in marketing, Andrés went through an existential crisis. He couldn’t think of a way to be ethical in his profession and decided to change his path into the street art world. He always fought for social equity and truly believes that through street art, graffiti and muralism, people from different economic backgrounds can understand each other. After six months in Madrid, he founded his collective called Strawberry Streets whose main goal is to promote a stronger bond between Latin America and Europe through street art. At ASA he writes about the street art he sees and all the cities he visits, whilst he doesn’t mind giving a critical note every now and then.



Frenchman Baptiste grew up in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Returning back to France to study at a business school, he discovered street art and found his passion. Getting bored of France and missing the always lively Hong Kong, he decided to return to work as an art consultant. But he wanted more. January 2016 he took the exciting step to open his own gallery: L’Epicerie Fine HK. With his successful gallery, Baptiste organizes exhibitions, wall paintings, projects, and art shows and he advises companies and individuals about street art. Baptiste has great knowledge of the Asian street art market, knows what’s on and will write about anything Asian street art-related. In particular interviews with Asian artists who deserve their spotlights in Europe as well.



Tommy was raised in the southern United States, and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A Street Artist trapped in a tech salesman’s body, he installs his own creations around the world as he travels for business and pleasure – all the while photographing and collecting the work of other, far more talented artists. Having researched, visited, and photographed Street Art hotspots in most major US cities and many other countries (including the Netherlands!), Tommy looks forward to the day he can devote more of his time to this exciting pursuit. While he agrees that Street Art looks best ”out in the streets”, he’s also an outspoken proponent of artists being able to make a decent living doing what they love. As such, he regularly reaches out to Street Artists from all over the world to purchase a wide range of works, including original paintings, spray/stencils, actual wheatpaste sheets, stickers, and original, open, and limited edition prints. Tommy also created and moderates the Street Art Collectors group on Facebook. Join him there or on Instagram.

Claudia (CC ArtLover)


Claudia is a born Amsterdammer, with roots in Napoli, Italy. Growing up in the south of Amsterdam, she witnessed the upcoming street art culture in her neighborhood. On the garage door opposite her house the names Shoe, Jezis and Zap started appearing over and over, followed by larger works on the walls of the neighborhood’s beautiful homes. From a very young age, she has been fascinated by art and especially the people who created the magic. This interest in art, fueled by museum lessons in primary school, holidays filled with Italian culture and tags on the street, never went away. After graduating from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Amsterdam she went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Art History from VU University, Amsterdam. She currently works as a teacher in Art History and Visual Education in secondary education. During a visit to New York in 2007, she started capturing her first street art with a photo camera, going on to intensify her street art photography in the age of the phone camera. Her pictures of street art the world over are showcased on her Instagram profile @ccartlover. Recently, Claudia started working as a freelance writer on contemporary art and street art.



Tim is a big friendly giant and played basketball for 20 years, he’s father of 2 kids and during his daytime job he’s a maintenance coordinator at a chemical plant in the port of Antwerp, nothing really special;-) It gets exciting when he’s off the job, all his free time goes to street art. Starting as a diehard street art hunter he documented over 300 artworks in and around Antwerp and tries to visit other cities as much as he can. He’s the driving force behind, and since 2016 he organizes street art tours during the weekends. It doesn’t stop there as he facilitated 30+ new walls in Antwerp by getting permissions, scoring budgets to pay for lifts and materials. He’s also the co-organizes the Tizarte 3D Street Art Festival. Next to his local work he’s also the co-founder of the international Street Art Cities network, where he runs the community and the socials and is in contact with 300+ hunters from all over the world, so if anything happens in the worldwide street art community he knows about it fast.