“Do not judge” mural

Opinions are usually formed based on what we see, what we know and what information we are able to get about certain topic. However, it is easy to misinterpret certain story, if we are unable to see the whole picture. Peaceful atmosphere of this scene might be disturbed once you notice a small detail – bicycle lock. Image gets a completely different meaning and a number of possible scenarios occur. The viewer is not sure about what to think any more and in most cases he will take sides based on information the he was able to gather. 

By controlling the flow of information, certain groups of people are able to manipulate the way we think and influence our opinions. Media control is a very powerful tool that sometimes becomes a weapon for promoting hate and fear.

After a short chat with me, one nice and polite lady had a very sincere reaction: “You don’t look like a Serb” she said, “You are smiling and you are not scary at all”

I was really surprised and didn’t know how to reply, so I just smiled and she smiled back. At that moment, I was sure that her opinion about my country is not based on her personal experience, but on the information that were served to her trough media. Unfortunately, it goes the other way around and that makes me really sad.

My intention is not to raise a political question (I really think that politics bring the worst out of people), but to promote the idea of forming your opinion only trough personal experience and only when you are able to get the whole picture. Don’t let anyone scare you, because fear will bring hate and hate won’t bring anything good. The key that will explain everything and unlock the bicycle lock is maybe lost somewhere, so until you find it try not to judge. Start thinking with your head and don’t be afraid to smile, it will only do you good, I promise!

Painted for “Mural Fest Tirana”

organised by 167bstreet and Dekor Tirana

Tirana, Albania



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