ASA Artist Interview with NR8 – ZEDZ.
1. We are a big fan of your work. What is coming up that we NEED to know?
Summer is approaching and it is a nice period for working outdoors and there are some things in the pipeline but nothing to hype one really or need to know about.
2. You started with graffiti and then developed to become a multi-talented artist. What mediums do you use at the moment to make the artworks and are there any new progress in new mediums or formats?
I still work with paint a lot and make installations out of different kinds of materials, for me there is a lot of knowledge to gain about the tools and materials. The difficulty is to have excess to the best tools and know about new techniques. Over the last years I organized a basic set of tools with which I can travel and work at location, creating a public interstallation (intervention + installation). Creating a body of work, installing it, packing up, leaving the work behind; Veni vidi vici…
3. What is the biggest change in the last 20 years if you look at street art and graffiti?
Coming from graffiti and letter tradition I ‘ve noticed the rise of the stencil-art and a more social critical approach by artists like Blu and a more figurative styles in general. But the real big change must be the shift in the media reporting and promoting the art; the internet pretty much takes over the role of public space.
Another aspect not to be overlooked is how tools are becoming professionalized, spray-paint is optimized and we all got computers, beamers, use laser cutters etc. I think industry and commerce plays a big role in our art and production level and
the general quality.
4. What is the next step in to the future of street art in your opinion?
Actually a lot of street art isn’t “street” at all (anymore) and is rather institutionalized and commercialized. I guess the best thing that could happen to street art in the future is to re define it.
5. You are a very dedicated artist and travel around the world. Is there any advice that you can give to younger, dedicated artists and your fans?
Actually I do not travel too much and am far from an expert on the topic, when I travel I always try to be as flexible and open as possible while remaining sharp and aware of changing situations. While producing work I often got into situations in which I had to take the lead and take initiatives while not relying on others too much to make things come to the right conclusions.
6. I have seen a big progress in your artwork. What do you think about your own progress of the last year?
Actually from my point of view the progress in my work is a series of small steps. I feel happy not to be locked into one direction and even though see coherence in my work. Though working on a specific topic I do all my best to somehow not repeat a successful formulae and to keep re-inventing and innovating.