Thanks for tuning in to our Amsterdam Street Art Interview Series with Derm.
1. We are a big fan of your work. What is coming up that we NEED to know?
My first expo has just become to an end at street art gallery Artifex in Antwerp I made a serie on canvas and I printed some digital work.I was satisfied with the result and the reactions.Now the summer is on its way so it is time for painting some walls.I also like to See if i can reach a new level with the stuff i have learned during the winter time . I want to go and paint on a few events and i’m also planning a trip to eastern europe. I hope to get all the way to Bulgaria, my dog and I. A bunch of spraycans and we’ll see…
2. What mediums do you use at the moment to make the artworks and are there any new progress in new mediums or formats?
I still love spray cans alot. If I go out to paint a wall it’s always with spray paint. I even get greedy when I’m in front of a rack of cans. It’s like candy. When I made my canvasses I make sure they where big enough so I could work free with spray cans…Now they don’t fit in most regular living rooms. During the winter, I painted some digital things and I learned a lot. I believe the learning process is faster then using real paint. I used brushes and paint a lot for other things. I used to paint decors for theme parks a lot, I guess you pick up something out of everything. Now I just use my airbrush and brushes for my scale models “Yes, I am a nerd.”
3. How do you look at Amsterdam as a street art city?
I’m not visiting Amsterdam enough to know well what is going on there. I guess Amsterdam will be always Amsterdam as a city known all over the world, so the street art there will be seen by many people.
4. What is the next step in to the future of street art in your opinion?
I don’t know. I’m not really up to date when it comes to street art. It was graffiti that got me hooked. I do notice that thanks to street art, that it all becomes much more appreciated by the general public. And more and more and more people see it less as vandalism. So, it’s going in a good direction I guess. 
5. Your a real city kid. Which city would you like to conquer next?
Haha, well, I am a country side kid. Maybe it was the punk gang from the police academy movie that made me fall in love with graffiti. But it was in art school that I came into contact with graffiti for the firs time. Of course, I like to come into a city and see lots of graffiti, but I always love to retreat as well. So any city where the people are nice, the weather is good, and there are no bricks… Just smooth walls. 
6. I have seen a big progress in your artwork. What do you think about your own progress of the last few years?
It is hard to have an opinion about your own work. The satisfaction is mostly of short duration. It just feels good to continue and keep doing what I like to do the most. Maybe in the end, it is not about the final piece but about the moments that you are truly into it. 
Derm hasselt dorpstraat street art 1