We like to introduce you to a great talent from Barcelona “Aleix Gordo Hostau” Aleix was part of Project ASA in 2011 and since then he has been traveling all over the world.

He started as an illustrator for books and made book covers. Since then he has worked for newspapers, advertising agencies and many multinational corporations both in Spain and abroad in various sectors. Today his focus is on his career in the field of painting and illustration, mural painting, street art, graphic design and his own licensing brand.


Last week he was part of the line up of Loures Arte Pública in Portugal. Where he created this amazing mural.

The mural is located in a school in Loures (Portugal). Aleix thought that a proper interpretation of the goddess of Wisdom (Sophia, that’s how the work is entitled), as well as a very powerful feminine symbol, was very suitable for the environment and for people who were going to see the wall every day.

This interpretation of Sophia has some winks to other symbols of other gods or concepts that refer to the wisdom of other cultures, reinforcing the concept of cultural exchange and fusion. We can find those concepts in the ibis (bird of the Egyptian god of wisdom Toth), the owl (mythical symbol of Athena and Athens, also goddess of  Wisdom and cradle of civilization respectively), the frog (which is part of a Chinese and Japanese saying that reads: “The frog inside a well never knows how big the ocean is.”) or the Hebrew letter “chet” (“ch” in Spanish) which is the initial letter of “Chokhmah”, the sephirot of Wisdom, in the Jewish Kabbalah.

Size: 7x7m / Technique: Spray paint. 

@louresartepublica / @aleixgordo