1 Your solo/duo show with ZAIRA is almost coming up. What is the big difference this time in the artwork , compare with your older artworks?
This time we start prepare the Show already 5 months ahead. since a half a year we worked on our new miniature City’s. we started the Project without knowing if the end result is what we expected in our head, to paint the first artwork took us two month cutting stencils of different buildings, cars, Trains, peoples and Graffitis. we are super happy with the outcome. In the City’s we reflect our works on the streets and create small stories witch can be different in the eye of the Viewer.
2 What mediums do you use this show to make the artworks and is there any new progress in new mediums or formats that you use:
we work 90 % with stencils everything new and never shown before. we have artworks with up to 140 different layers of stencils. We have create artworks on Wood and canvas next to that we create some exiting light boxes.
3 What is your favorite colour:
There is no favorite Color….
4 what is the next step in to the future of streetart in your opinion:
Only the future will tell (-:
5 Your a real city kid, which city would you like to conquer next:
There are lots of City we want to go, for sure we plan a trip to paris and London and maybe visit the United States in the end of the year.
6 I have seen a big progress in your awork. What do you think about your own progress of the last years:
Working as a Artist is all about the Progress even more than the result. We grow a lot the last years and I think the new Project with our City scapes tells a lot about that.
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