An ASA Artist Interview with BOXHEAD.
1. We are a big fan of your work. What is coming up that we NEED to know?
Thank you! Amsterdam has got a very special place in my heart. Next thing… Hmm, I’m working on a series of paintings together with Matthew Knight which we’ve been conceiving for a while, really excited about it. Also a series of collaborative walls in London with some of the female artists I’ve just exhibited with in Cre8 Gallery, I’m sure you will hear about them!
2. What mediums do you use at the moment to make the artworks and are there any new progress in new mediums or formats?
I normally use acrylics on canvas, I like to use ink and pro markers on my illustrations and of course spray paint on my murals. I have just released my first toy which I wanted to have a nice feeling to it, so I’ve used plaster and wood. And I screen print a lot, always with water based inks. I’m always open to new mediums and surfaces, I like to be open and learn new techniques as I get involved in new projects, the idea always comes first, so I try not to condition my work by a medium.
3. You moved to London after you lived in Amsterdam. Can you explain what’s the difference between the two cities for artists?
Amsterdam is much friendlier for street artists, London is a very rough city, it is dangerous and also very violent, so it’s hard to feel safe out there in the middle of the night if you wanna do some guerrilla actions. In the other hand there is loads of places where you can be granted permission and get very good exposure. I think there’s seven different street art tours every day in London. Amsterdam is got a small scene and I miss that a little bit, and in that small scene Amsterdam actually has some of the most interesting artists in Europe.
4. What is the next step in to the future of street art in your opinion?
Hopefully more cities around the world will designate legal areas where artists can explore their creativity. I also hope for more street art festivals where whole building facades will serve as canvases for artists, it would be the mural revolution!!!
5. If you have to choose, which city would you like to conquer next?
Probably Los Angeles or San Diego, but Berlin is more probable.
6. I have seen a big progress in your artwork. What do you think about your own progress of the last years?
Thank you, yes I feel like I’ve grown a lot! You always need to take a little of distance to realize these things. I really enjoy the feeling of achievement you get when you look back and realize you are where you wanted to be, and sometimes it happens without you being conscious of it. It feels really good, you just have to work hard and push yourself, our brains are working in the background making sure you learn in the process
Photo made by: David Wilman Photography