TelmoMiel new mural in Eugene, Oregon (USA)

A new mural in Eugene, Oregon (USA) by ASA artists TelmoMiel made for the 20x21 EUG mural project. Title: ’Dog Daze Of Summer'  ‘The dog days of...

FifthWall TV-2017 is the year of the STREET ART wizard.

Great new episode of FifthWall TV by Doug Gillen This episode looks at the artists pushing the use of technology in street art.  

Artistics waves by Hilton Alves

In bringing the ocean to the public art scene, Hilton hopes to share the inspiration from the sea and waves that drives him with...

Heliographies of Memory by Said Dokins

Heliographies of Memory Heliographies of Memory is a long-term project that explores diverse social and historical relations that define specific places and, at the same...

MonkeyBird @ Grenoble street art fest

MonkeyBird @ Grenoble street art fest Check out the last big wall of MonkeyBird in Grenoble for street art fest! This is a festival in...