Kamp Seedorf

Kamp Seedorf A Street Art collective from Almere, a city close to Amsterdam. Kamp Seedorf, they got their name of the famous football player Clarence Seedorf and...

The Handsome Handshake collection

Today we accidentally ran into a few interesting painted handshakes that we love to share with you. Check out this handsome handshake by Klaas Lageweg,...

24hours Amsterdam (Inside information)

24hours Amsterdam 07:13 Phone ringing.... Hello... Yes, Hello this is (...peep...), are you from Amsterdam Street Art? It's saturday darling and quite early but yes, how can I...

#Dubai Canvas 2017 "The adventure"

As media partners of #Dubai canvas 2017 I had the pleasure to visit Dubai for 5 days. After a 8.5 hour flight with Royal...

Okuda´s amazing churches!

“Sancho, we have come up against the Church”, this quotation from Don Quixote from the Mancha by Cervantes came up to my mind after...


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