Urban intervention for the #blackrubbishisgoldproject

Bad Rubbish. We already know who we are inside, and that enables us to go outside with our sour face, even though that might confuse us with a certain mass of people, it is an exercise in self-awareness that illuminates us, something which its practitioners always recognize. Ambiguous bumps that appear in suspicious bags. Black faces without pigmentation, seeking their formal release to the prevailing visual perversion. Let’s get together to take action. Let’s wear just that one kind of balaclava. Many others -supposedly clean- are only a click away being being able to react and begin the process. To stop pretending and start rehearsing their own sour faces. To recognize that discomfort, to fight back and be able to draw a new smile with dignity and self-criticism. Something honest with which to reconsitute the personal at the highest level, then being able to help build the collective as something organic that affects us all. Take out the garbage. Let’s use the night as our common ground, as the lunar time that has democratized most of our actions, actively and passively linking us together. Although we each shine in our own ways and have different expectations, at night we are all equal.

Mediterranean 2018


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