Congratulations with winning the award for best Street Art Photographer, David Roos AKA Droos86. 

How does it feel winning an award?

Thank you. Well, it was already really nice to be nominated to be honest. I didn’t have expectations about winning the prize actually. Taking pictures of street art is my passion, and it’s always nice when other people like what you are doing.

The Street Art awards are new in the scene of Street Art, what is your opinion about an award show for Street Art?

It thought it was a great night, well organized by Amsterdam Street Art and Boomerang. I think the Dutch Street Art awards are a great way to give more attention to all the artists out there. Most of the artists don’t see each other that often, so it’s also nice to meet each other once in a while.

Do you think Street Art deserves a place in the timeline of art history?

Oh for sure. I think graffiti and street art are one of the most important arts of the last 40/50 years, and will continue to be so.

The award was designed by artist 2FAST from Croatia, what did you think of the award?

Really like it! It looks like a prize, it has a street art vibe and you can hang it on your wall! What more do you want?

Any advise for the 3th edition of the Street Art awards ?

Well, I can’t compare it with the first edition, because I wasn’t there. I thought it was a great night with a lot of great people. Maybe you can try to involve other cities into the event, but that’s just a little advise. Keep doing what you do, I am sure the third edition will be amazing!

For more photos of @droos86 check his instagram