Congratulations with winning the award for Dutch talent

How does it feel winning an award ?

It’s really nice to get something specific as an award in my hands. I already had a lot of chances that paid off my hard work but sometimes it just feels like a rush and everything passes by so quickly. The award will always be there when i get home reminding me that i did accomplish something and that will always stay an good feeling.

The Street Art awards are new in the scene of street art, what is your opinion about an award show for street art

I think it is a great concept with a lot of potential, in the art world there are already a lot of awards to win but so far none in the street art scene of The Netherlands. Street art is one of the most popular art movements of this time so it deserves an events like this. It supports and motivates the curators, artists and the photographers. The awards are really pushing the scene to fight for what we want.  I loved the speech of Wayne Anthony of LSD magazine, so motivating!

Do you think street art deserves a place in the timeline of art history

YES, i am sure street art will be /all ready is legendary. You can notice it all around you. Books getting published, museums were openend, big companies are combining it with in their campaigns, politicians are getting involved and i’ve seen business men pushing each other over to invest millions in to this art movement.

The  award was designed by artist 2FAST from Croatia, what did you think of the award ?

It’s a really cool and a original design! It is really to bad that i am so clumsy that i dropped the award that night during the celebration. I have to say it still looks cool, even when it is broken!

Any advise for the 3rd edition of the street art awards ?

Well, a more solid award would be a plus for clumsy people like me but i doubt there will be a lot more award winners that have such bad balance as i do. But for the rest of it the experience was perfect for me. Amazing venue, cool people and good vibes. I really got the award feeling! 


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