Congratulations with winning the award for best Dutch mural.

How does it feel winning an award ? It feels good of course, we didn’t expect winning one, the line up of nominees was very impressive. That we won an award for our work might also help for future projects.

The atreet art awards are new in the scene of street art, what is your opinion about an award show for Street Art? Its a good thing that there is a spotlight on the art form called street art, it creates a bigger audience. But in the same time it’s hard to tell who is the best, that really comes down to a personal taste as well.

Do you think street art deserves a place in the timeline of art history? We think it already has a place on the timeline of art history. But yes it’s a well deserved place. street art and graffiti are both accepted for many years now. street art can not be denied anymore, it’s everywhere. It’s in musea, galleries, magazines, commercials and of course huge murals in the public space all around the world. Many artists that are coming from graffiti and street art are heavily involved in contemporary art now. If you think our art form didn’t earn a spot in art history you have been sleeping big time!

The award was designed by artist 2FAST from Croatia, what did you think of the award ? We know 2FAST his work, it’s a cool looking award.

Any advise for the 3rd edition of the street art awards ? To be honest, just like this interview, it’s not about the artists but about Street Art and the award show in general.

Karski and Beyond


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