Congratulations with winning the award for Global Mural.

How does it feel winning an award ?

It is funny I never thought about winning an award for my work outside. I feel honoured in some way though on the other hand it doesn’t make too much impact as I basically focus my work rather then what is going on the scene.

The street art awards are new in the scene of street art, what is your opinion about an award show for street art

I think everybody must do and act as he feels like and so and so to have a streetart award can be a good thing to highlight and to blow a bit of fresh air through the scene, also because it is providing a platform on which the state of the art can be presented annually.

Do you think Street Art deserves a place in the timeline of art history ?

I think it has already deserved that.

The award was designed by artist 2FAST from Croatia, what did you think of the award ?

I know his work and know he is making the spray cans. I respect his work and it is a pleasure to have one of his cans, though I am not a collector of spray cans.

Any advise for the 3rd edition of the Street Art awards ?

No not really, I thought it was nice to see the balance between street art and graffiti and the fading of the classification and so I would say just keep going, following the inspiration and we will see what will happen next year.