An ASA Artist Interview with Florian Krause.
1. We are a big fan of your work. What is coming up that we NEED to know?
You NEED to know that in September fresh works of me coming up at the NAME Gallery in Amsterdam. 
2. What mediums do you use to make the special effects in your pictures?
I shoot with a Canon 6D with18mm lens by Zeiss. Since I always shoot alone, I chose this camera, cause it got wifi connection to my smartphone. Live view, control of iris plus shutter and I can even expose via phone. Very helpful tool for framing and orientation in the dark. For light brushing the walls I got a couple of LED Lenser torches, smoothly focusable, plus many colorfilters. The special effects I do with with all kinds of lights, firework, LED pens, thin light wires for smoke effect.
3. What is your favorite place that you made photos of?
Difficult to pick just one place. I love the atmosphere of abandoned factories, military places…but i also love rail tracks and tunnels. Being there alone at night gets me hooked on adrenaline, and that gets me focused and into the flow with my work. I’m a big kid, so I like adventure!
4. What is the next step in to the future of street art photography?
Hmmm… Not sure… Anyhow the climax of street art photography is already here, ’cause everybody is a photographer with his phone and can post pics of a wall one minute after it’s finished. That makes it hard for the good photographers ”who fight for the right framing and wait for the right daytime to document the wall as good as possible” to be accepted by the street art market as artists themselves. People are so spoiled by the masses of amazingly good walls they scroll through every day on social media. They think when buying a photo, its just a reproducible print and don’t understand why pay much money for it. If you want to buy street art for your living room you can choose. Buying a painting from a street artist on canvas, or a photograph of art in the streets. For me the closest thing of bringing street art to the gallery is a good photograph with seeing the surrounding of the piece. So hopefully the next step is that street art photography will be more recognized as art itself. I do my very best.
5. You are a real city kid. Which city would you like to conquer next?
The city in which the next “Underbelly Project” will happen. I would love to shoot it!
6. Is every piece good to light paint or do you search for specific things in an artwork?
No, not each piece works for my photography. I need a special light-inspiration in it, which i can pick up and compliment the piece into the room. Ground lighting is very important, so the wall glow. Its hard to generalize, but ideal walls are bright paintings with highlights on dark background. What I do from time to time with massive walls I absolutely dig, is that I put myself as a black silhouette in front of the wall. Not that I like myself so much, but it gives the viewer an idea of the wall size. That effect makes a strong impact to the photograph. Otherwise you ask yourself, is this a comic or a 30 meter wall? And size matters, as we all know.