Gargar Festival has just finished for another year and this is part two of my round up of what is becoming an  increasingly popular and exciting festival.

In amongst the drummers, local bands, tractor races, yes seriously tractor races, were the first viewings of the newly finished murals by Ione, Kinmx, Wild Welva and many more.

First up is the works of Spanish artist Ione. This piece was made completely with acrylic paint and looks like it should be in a high end gallery and not on the side of someones garage. The piece has a real classic art feel to it and I find it hard to believe Ione did a wall on this scale with just brush and paint.

This excellent large scale mural by Kinmx is situated just after the main square in Penelles. The Dublin based Mexican artist has left the locals with this beautiful portrait piece of a female character with bright hair surrounded by pretty flowers. A really positive happy feeling piece.

‘Future is now’ is the name of this piece by Projecto Matilha. PM’s aim is to create social awareness for human and animal rights through the medium of urban art. This piece of a teenager smiling surrounded by blue skies reminding us that children are the future and that their voices should not be ignored.

Incredibly this piece by Andalusian duo Wild Welva is a paste up and not spray. This piece is of a polar bear baking in the sun desperately waiting for that water droplet to land on his/her head. A not to subtle nod to the spread of global warming. I asked the artists if they had at least sprayed the shadow on the bear as it couldn’t possibly be a paste up but i was of course wrong as it’s 100% also a paste up. Stunning.

This striking portrait piece by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada is situated right at the start of Penelles and gives visitors a fine welcome to the village. Gerada’s work is a great teaser for awaits visitors once they get inside.

Portuguese artist Third headed across the border to create this incredible comic book style piece which is situated to the rear of a farm house. One of my personal favourites from the festival this piece depicts a robot character intently reading a book by candle light.

Catalan artist Eslic had a few equipment issues but alongside calligraphy master Mugraff managed to throw up this stunning piece in no time at all. Eslic’s piece is of a photo realistic gun dog with it’s prey in mouth surrounded by Mugraff’s ever wonderful writing.

Another local artist who featured at the festival was Swen Schmitz who painted this creative and colourful spring inspired mural down one of Penelles narrow streets.

Local crew Yantrart Design were also inspired by the spring weather and created this piece of almond tree flowers with are typical in the region. This piece was also created using acrylic paints with not a spray can in sight.

Stencil artist Llukutter was also tucked away in the back streets of Penelles where he created this fantastic multi-layered stencil. The piece is of a 50 year old school photo which will now be remember on the streets as well as a photo album.

One of the most interesting pieces of the weekend was this corner wall adjacent to the town church. The piece is by Illustrator Vorja Sanchez and is unfortunately a nightmare to photo! However, once up close you are treated to Vorja’s insane creations, creepy plotting birds, peach seeds morphing into frightening insects and other weird and wonderful characters.

Another local artist in attendance was Oriol Arumi who made this very fun looking wall. The piece which is situated at one of the main entrances to Penelles features a very cute dog and a pretty grumpy looking cat surrounded by a colourful collage. For the record, I’m a dog person hence why it’s cute and the cat is grumpy.

This cute door right outside the culture centre is by Ocorlala and is of a female figure surrounded by watching eyes writing what appears to be a novel.

So that’s it for Gargar for another year, here’s to the 4th edition being as wonderful an experience as this years event.


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