An ASA Artist Interview with Hugo Kaagman.
1.  You have a new (solo) show coming up. What is the big difference this time in the artwork, compared to your older artworks?
I will have a solo show in the Museum Vaals with stenciled paintings. It is about religion and I have improved my mandala style. And I have a group show in Dongguan, China with ceramic work and a mural that is send digital and will be printed there.
2. What mediums do you use this show to make the artworks and is there any new progress in new mediums or formats that you use?
My mediums for this show are spraycans and airbrush with stencils, also ceramic work and digital prints. I try to progress in every painting. Also I try new things like working with tiles for a swimming pool Amsterdam. North in pixel style, also I make compositions with bricks for the outside wall… And I am preparing to paint a 200 meter high windmill, that for the first time will be sprayed by somebody else, an assistant
3. You are known to use Delft Blue. Is this your favorite color?
Indeed, blue is my favorite color because it is bright  sharp and meditative and it refers to the history of Dutch culture.
4. What is the next step in to the future of streetart in your opinion?
Street art has become something to nice up the area for architectural mistakes. I would like to see more experimenting and specially in Holland more discussions about quality by art historians. It is time that is taken serious as art.
5. There is already a lot to read about you, like in your own book (Stencil KING). There must be one anecdote you can tell us, that was not in the book.
Last week I was censored. 3 paintings hanging on the windows at my studio at RAI railway station have to be removed. I am making work to provoke them more and make a scandal
6. You are a inspiration to a lot of artists. Is there any advice you like to give them?
Instead of copying the concepts of Banksy artists must try to be original, find your own style.