Talking sense with Nohablalogica

Remember that evil kid from the movie Toy-story that made his own deformed creatures? Well, that kid must have been a cousin of Nohablalogica. Since the late 80’s the artist has been leaving his mark on the skate and contemporary art scene. With his sculptures getting well-received critics at international art-fairs and customers like 5 time X-games medalist Elliot Sloan the general question is; what’s happening in a mind without logic?

– Written by Ard Doko

The skateboard scene has always been known for its DIY (do it yourself) culture in terms of graphic design, construction and videos. I’m wondering if you took part in that DIY scene when you started skateboarding back in ’86 or did you explore your creativity in a later stage?

I couldn’t afford a “real” skateboard so I had to build one myself. At the time there were maybe a handful of skate parks throughout the country, luckily we had one in Rotterdam. As kids we saw the skate videos from the U.S and tried to copy them by building ramps and creating spots out of the material that we found. Around that time I also started doing graffiti with my friends but I wasn’t very good at it. After a while they said; “Why don’t you just do the fillers for our letters”.

As a street skater you look further than the basic functions of objects in your environment, do you approach the materials in a “skater-like” way for your art?
I’m convinced that I look at material in a different way because of street skating. I always give the example of a toy tractor. The fender of the tractor functions as a fender but can also function as a nostril on a face. Because I’m not good at drawing I need to find a way to give form to the ideas that I have stored in my head. I tend to focus on shapes, a shape can tell me in what kind of direction the sculpture needs to go. I know it sounds like a vague statement but the shape contributes to my end product. .I have a great collection of shapes in various sizes and focus in order to complete that puzzle in my head. I love to incorporate objects in an unrecognizable way that when you look at it you’re confused at first.

You stated that you get inspiration by your surroundings, skateboarding and politics. 2017 already seem to be a turbulent year in terms of the last subject, are you noticing a bigger focus on the current situation or is that something you try to avoid?
I’ve always been aware of the problems around me and in the world, which is my main inspiration since day one. A few years ago, I was already making art about fears that have this society in a choke hold and that saddens me. I wanted to take a different approach with my subject matter later on but I notice that I keep getting pulled back in by people that abuse their power, make irrational statements and the overall destruction of our planet. I would never make a specific piece about Donald Trump for example but there is definitely some work inspired by the actions and statements of certain people.

Do other skaters inspire you?
I try to do my best because of them, not that I consider myself terrible but if you see what some of the other guys are making you’ll be like; “Damn that’s awesome!” So yeah, because of their great art I’m pushing myself more to create better things. Skaters used to be considered as lazy pot-smoking kids you know, but now they are fully-fledged businessmen.
You have been pretty outspoken about the consumer-society that we live in. On the other hand you sell art, which can be seen as an unnecessary luxury, how do you feel about that?
I’m glad you asked, since day one I try to give a function to my art. The reason why I make light sculptures is that Dutch houses tend to be small and filled with a lot of stuff. The ceiling however is empty most of the time so it’s perfect for a skateboard lamp. Functional art made out of recycled material is a way to show people that you can do a lot more with your old stuff.
What is the story behind the Intelligent. Anti-Male. Combat. Drone?
In my opinion, the most problems in this world are due to the testosterone level of men. They are the driving force behind the display of power abuse. I wanted to distract them and almost every guy gets distracted by a nice ass, a nice set of tits and cool weapons. In created her in order to give the world some rest from those kind of power abusing men. She’s intelligent because she doesn’t have to move, the guys are attracted by her and well you get the anti-male combat part right?

Your artwork has been well received at various European art-fairs and in the United States, any new projects coming up?

I had a great stay in the U.S and met galleries that are interested in working with me but I haven’t figured it all out yet. Setting something up in the U.S costs a lot of money for my work and I’m a bit hesitant about that. As for Europe, I’m probably working with the Go Gallery again soon and I have some stuff in Germany going on but I’m not going to make any statements until I’m a 100-percent sure. Besides that I’m working on some commissioned working and I’m working on a collaboration project which I’m really stoked about.
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