Hey again! This is our latest interview with #CodeFC.
1. We are a big fan of your work. What is coming up that we NEED to know?
I am working on my book, and planning the book launch to be a the end of October with a twenty five years retrospective show. Outdoors, I am planning more abstract and more stencil works related to war, ex-war zones. I am planning to take the 2012 Olympics project in London to Rio in 2016, and possibly do a show there too. 
2. What mediums do you use at the moment to make the artworks and are there any new progress in new mediums or formats?
To make the indoor artwork I use oils, acrylics, spray, ink, pens, and anything really. Outdoors, I mostly spray, and I have tried some paste ups, but I still need to get more into it. I’d like to mix the two in the future. 
3. You did so much great things the last few years. What’s your own highlight?
I think a lot of people have seen the Olympics project and it got me quite some press coverage. So, I have to say that I am flattered a bit but, I am more satisfied with the war series that not many people know about. Actually, very few people. The UN approved in Elam (east of Lanka) where the genocide of tamils took place, and people are still being abused. Bureaucracy in Burma, and supporting political and ex-poltical prisoners, vier-code in South Vietnam. All of those places that represent an input due to socio-political issues. Not many people care much about this and it is a challenge of my own to search for spots to paint. I had to paint with some proper crap paint at times. 
4. What is the next step in to the future of street art in your opinion?
The future of street art? Hmm… Good question. Not sure to be honest. More great art, more technology added to it. And hopefully less people who get into it just for the wrong reason. Trust me, there are loads of people like this…
5. How do you look to Amsterdam comparing with other big cities in the world?
I have so many good memories in A’dam. I used to visit the city every six months or so and still have a few friends there. The only regret I have is to have been too lazy… Let’s call it lazy… to paint more… 
6. You’re a real city kid. Which city would you like to conquer next?
I am not sure that I am a city kid. I mean, yes, in lifestyle, but also I love islands and isolated places to live and paint. I love those spots that probably five people will visit in the next five months. Away from everything, and away from society and its rules. Places where you paint and it stays there for years, until it fades away. City wise, I’d like hit Lisbon, New York City, Cairo, Bogota, Rio… Really, there is too many to mention.