Malaga, more than sea food and great weather

The region of AndalucIa, located in the southern part of Spain, is well known for their sea food and great weather. I dare to say that the Spanish stereotype of nice people, nice music and folklore is quite real in this region. The city I’m writing about is Malaga since it’s the one I’ve had more contact and experiences with.
For starters, let me get something clear. For some reason, many people think that Pablo Picasso was born in Barcelona. Maybe they think this because he spent a lot of time there. Well, let me burst the bubble to these people because Picasso was born in Malaga. Now that we got that settled, I really recommend you visit the house where he was born. It gives me the chills just to remember I was standing in the room where Picasso hold a paint brush for the first time in his life.


Maybe some will ask themselves why I’m writing about Pablo Picasso if this is a Street Art webpage. If you pay attention to modern day artists, you may notice a lot of influence from Picasso, even in the Street Art scene. Speaking of which, I wanted to mention the masters of post neo cubism, an artist called Belin. As I walked through the city center of Malaga, I came across a piece from this amazing artist. If you are into cubism, you should definitely check him out! His technique and the way he plays with the context makes him really special.

work by Belin

Finding works

Another cool experience I had in Malaga was finding work from Invader, the French artist. It’s been said that he intervened the city with 50 different pieces. I only had the opportunity to see a few but I was very satisfied. His mosaic pieces are appealing to all kind of viewers and they are all located in strategical spots of the World.

work by Invader in Málaga

As I walked through a small corridor in the heart of the city, I noticed a long wall covered with Street Art. It was a piece by the artist Doger. His realism and colorful style captivated my eye. He captured the essence of Málaga in a very proper way. This guy is doing great stuff. You should definitely take a look at his work!

work by Doger

The vibe of the city and the excellent quality of living makes Malaga a perfect place to create art. I am sure that in the years to come, we will be hearing a lot more from this city regarding Street Art. If you visit it, be prepared to have an amazing time.
Of course, don’t forget to eat fried calamari, “Malagueña” salad, sardines etc. etc etc. 
By Strawberrystreets


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