What achievement makes you the most proud ?



Favourite Dutch food ( if you know anything of course )

Rijstaffel which is Indonesian I think.

Of who did you learned the most ?

My mother


What do you really love ?

Possibility (and fried rice)

Which museum you like to curate for 1 exhibition

Foundation Louis Vuitton


With who would you like to do a collaboration ?

Wong Kar Wai and Gong Li

What is your biggest disappointment ?



Which exhibition that you have seen, inspired you the most ?

Christian Boltanski at University Art Gallery, Berkeley, Calif 1989

Who would you like to be for 1 day ?

Donald Trump. On that day I would hang myself leaving a note apologizing for all the insecurity driven decisionsI’ve made. I would go onto to explain that my final act of self annihilation was perhaps the first courageous thing I’ve done in my otherwise miserable existence.

Rembrandt or Mondriaan and why ?

Mondriaan. Primarily because Mondriaan wasn’t interested in the representations of things. He was investigating composition and color and balance within a 2 dimensional plane.

What is your best quality ?

Unwavering indifference


Favorite Song ?

For the moment? Motion Picture Soundtrack by Radiohead

Do you have a (strange) ritual ?

Everyday, without fail, religiously even, I try to remember certain things and forget others. Sometimes it works.


When is the last time you had to cry ?

Honestly? My mother came to an opening of an exhibition did in Paris. It was the first exhibition of mine she’d ever seen and she told me she was proud of me. When I got home that night and it was quiet I was really touched.

Favorite movie ?

Maybe Gattaca, Maybe Casablanca, Maybe Portland Street Blues Maybe La Jetée. It’s hard to nail it down to one film.


What is your goal for this year ?

Staying out of the United States as much as possible