What achievement makes you the most proud ?

Having travelled to distant places, meeting different cultures, admiring the beauty of our planet, especially where human impact is still not so noticeable. This was something that I was determined to do at some point and having achieved it has been the biggest achievement I have made.

Favorite Dutch food ( if you know anything of course )

I think it’s a white soft goats cheese. Eating a bit feels like having a whole meal! I think I prefer the Belgian Beers though

Of who did you learned the most ?

Well, life is all about learning from the first minute till the end. The more you learn the better for one self. Even though it is hard to admit, I have learned a lot from my father at work! His experience from life and work is like a third eye! However we are still very different and I have always tried to kame my own choices.

Why did you start I support Street Art

At first it was not so clear. I had been travelling a lot and photographed loads of street art around Europe and South and Central America. I started researching to find out who the artists where and a whole new world just unfolded. At the time I thought that it’s a pity all this art is unknown to the wider public. It deserves to be treated as creativity as well as art and there I decided to start up a website that everyone can find all the information about street art from any origin. Simultaneously it could support all those armies of young unknown artists that don’t have the resources and knowledge to promote their own works. After spending many hours of research and planning in time the community grew and people with the same passion joined in and a fine team was set to work on this exact passion. The response through the internet was huge. I never expected it, hundreds of artists from many countries joined in, new connections were created. On the other side, thousands of people that had no idea what street art was have poured in to our social media and have fallen in love with the creativity and the style of all those artists. Something magic, people finding things in common and forgetting the things that separate them! Conclusion… Street Art is alive and kicking. It has proven to be powerful and it becomes more and more appreciated by communities who seek to improve through it.

Which museum you like to curate for 1 exhibition

Wow well, I like to visit museums of all types. Id rather curate a big open air street art festival with artists creating murals, setting exhibitions in an old abandoned building with parallel events, street food, art workshops for homeless youths with plenty of music and local citizens attending actively! That would be massive.

With who would you like to do a collaboration ?

I would really like to collaborate with some artists that I admire their works. I also want to collaborate with all the major organizations and communities that share our values on ISSA, in this way enhancing the results of our efforts. Of course sometimes I forget how small we are and the world is relatively big!


What is your biggest disappointment ?

To know that I cannot live off of this passion! Just kidding. The biggest disappointment would be the path humanity has chosen to follow. Manic Consumerism, destroying nature and other living animals, polluting, fighting wars, racism, homophobia, religious radicalization, maintaining borders, depriving fellow beings from basic human rights and such many more issues that still remain at large. With all the knowledge that humans have gathered it is a great disappointment to see that we are still stuck in anachronistic and pointless views. Humanity must find a way to overcome these in order for the next generations to be able to survive and live in peace.

Which exhibition that you have seen, inspired you the most?

As a street art passionate, no exhibition has inspired me more than a magical mural or a fine stencil hidden next to some rubbish bin in a little alley. As my favorite motif says – The Street Is Our Gallery! For me No indoor exhibition can surpass the inspiration offered by a piece of art in the urban environment. The natural surroundings of a street art piece in the city is part of the magic, once the artwork blends in with it.

Who would you like to be for 1 day ?

For one day only? I would like to have been in the place of Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut at the International Space Station orbiting Earth, to get the chance to see our planet in one glimpse, floating in the vacuum and make a small space walk and shit myself! Hadfield had a bad experience, by the way, on one of his EVA moments. One must read his book.

Rembrandt or Mondriaan and why ?

Well, assuming that you are asking which style of art between those two major representatives in their field, I would go for Rembrandt. However the mixture of more than one type of art always thrills me most. A piece of art with a portrait combined with geometric abstract inclusions fulfills me most!

What is your best quality ?

Connecting and communicating inspiration to people that are seeking for it.

Favorite Song

Its hard to pick one, I listen to a wide range of music from Punk to Electro and Ethnic stuff to Classical. Depends on the mood and the need! I recently heard a song by Anderson Paak and The Free Nationals – it blew me off! So funky. Check it –

Do you have a (strange) ritual ?

Yes actually I do. When I eat something I like from a plate, I got to make sure that the last couple of fork servings have an equal portion of each food from the plate. Eg, 1 piece of meat with one potato! Should I worry?

When is the last time you had to cry?

It must have been a moment I felt very lonely and it helped me get that feeling out of my chest!

Favorite movie

I recently watched the whole series Fargo by the Cohen brothers and got hooked on it! Loved the photography and the suspense. The one movie I have probably seen the most times however is The Big Lebowsky.

What is your goal for this year ?

My goal is to further expand the ISSA community, create new partnerships in new continents to reach more artists from South America, Africa and India. I would like to start a family and also learn many new things! I hope to achieve more in the separate business I run and start practicing a new sport.