What achievement makes you the most proud ?

Having quit my job, country, and everything and still be alive.

Favorite Dutch food ( if you know anything of course )

Wow. sorry i don’t know any Dutch dish… So i’ll go for a Maltese dish (where my family is from) and answer PASTIZZI!

From who did you learned the most ?

From my mistakes i guess? Or from my first Graphic design Mentor, Kevin Boyer, who taught me the keyboard shortcuts. Nothing to do with graffiti, but it saved me hours of boring work! hahaha


What do you really love ?

Sushi. And french food.

Which museum you like to curate for 1 exhibition

Well lately i’ve been writing emails to galeries in Amsterdam to be able be invited to go paint over there… So far none replied! But Amstedam is surely a place i would love to paint in.


With who would you like to do a collaboration ?

Ivesone! hahaha

What is your biggest disappointment ?

Seeing shitty artists getting famous for showing themselves at posh events. I suck at selling myself, and i feel frustrated when i see that.


Which exhibition that you have seen, inspired you the most

It was at a squat next to where i used to live, La Passerelle. The exhibition we made was about aquatic life. I only made a mural there. I was absolutely AMAZED by how the people living there turned this place into the Carribean islands. With nothing. Only stuff they had found in the streets. They built a little river, and a beach inside the building. his made me realize that with willing souls, you can achieve ANYTHING!


Who would you like to be for 1 day ?

Mmmm… Well right now i’m very busy being just me, and working my ass off to be able to live from what i love.

Rembrandt or Mondriaan and why ?

Mondrian. Rembrant is a master of light, and incredible technician. But i like more abstract stuff, and the use of geometric shapes. It allows more freedom in the interpretation of the viewer.

What is your best quality ?

Being stubborn. When i want something, i never give up. It can be very anoying sometimes, but has been working so far.


Favourite Song

Wow there’s a lot. Today, it’s Gotta Understand, by Jurassic 5

Do you have a (strange) ritual ?

I aways start my paintings with the color Blue.


When is the last time you had to cry ?

When i saw my dad crying when i left Paris. I’ve only seen him cry like two times in my life.

Favourite movie

Wow Again, there’s a lot. But Back to the future is surely one of them.


What is your goal for this year ?

To Be able to live of painting.