Have you heard about Inktober? It’s a great iniative created in 2009 because the initiator wanted to challenge himself and improve his inking skills. Inktober is a great way to develop positive drawing habits, as read on their website. Now thousands of artists all over the world join Inktober by drawing one ink drawing a day the entire month of October, every year.

Intkober releases an offical Prompt List since 2016 to give artists inspiration what to draw. One of the very fanatical artists this year is Nol. Nol draw a design every day of Oktober, resulting in a 31 piece counting collection of great drawings and even a book! Scroll down to have a look at Nol’s great Inktober drawings and to find out where to buy his Inktober book and prints!

Nol’s Inktober


October 1: Posionous

October 2: Tranquil

October 3: Roasted

October 4: Spell

October 5: Chicken
Meet Henry, he’s just a average chicken but he discovered that they won’t eat him if he pulls strange face…to bad he doesn’t realize that they will kill him anyway….pok

October 6: Drooling

October 7: Exhausted

October 8: Star

October 9: Precious
“Shake it, like you mean it…but never let go of your precious….
For the ❤️ of the can!!

October 10: Flowing

October 11: Cruel

October 12: Whale
Where ever you go,I Whale follow… but not to the Beach…that’s to Sandy

October 13: Guarded

October 14: Clock

October 15: Weak
This geezar thinks he’s strong and can show off his biceps ,in the middle of the gym together with all the cool kids, but actually this plastic toy weight is allready to heavy for this weak geezar..

October 16: Angular

October 17: Swollen‬
‪Blub, blub …PLOP

October 18: Bottle

October 19: Scorched

October 20: Breakable
Run egg, RUN!!
Da Evil Spoon is coming!!

October 21: Drain
That moment You realize You just went into the shower and got sucked into the drain ….and been popped out of the drain pipe into marioworld

October 22: Shredding Never knew You could make something expensive by shredding it…



October 23: Muddy

October 24: Chop‬

October 25: Pricky

October 26: Stretch
If you can take a deep breath and stretch your belly so much you can fly….does that make you a Superhero or just fat….

October 27: Thunder

October 28: Gift
A gift is a gift, even if it’s a free smelly one like this…..good thing is that You can always return this one ?

October 29: Double

October 30: Jolt

October 31: Slice

Official Intkober 2018 Prompt List

What I like so much about Nol’s work is that his work brings a huge smile on your face but at the same time, sometimes, makes you think. The captions from all his Inktober works, that you can find on his Facebookpage, are always written with humor but he also sometimes wants to give a little life lesson in a funny way. An must-follow artist.

Did Nol’s Inktober drawings also made you happy? His Inktober book is for sale on his website as well as the prints from all the Inktober drawings!


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