Guerilla Art intervention in Amsterdam : “A Paper Monument for the Paperless” on World Refugee Day 2017

Illegal posters for “illegal refugees”


Amsterdam, June 13 2017 – On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2017, on the 20th of June, the association and art project « A Paper Monument for the Paperless » organises a Guerilla art intervention in the public space of the city of Amsterdam. This action centers on sticking posters, with woodcut portraits of undocumented refugees around the city. It also  aims to generate more visibility and attention to the refugees who are « out of procedure » in The Netherlands.


During the night of June 19 the Paper Monument for the Paperless association, the artists involved in the project and the volunteers stick as many of these posters as possible on the streets of Amsterdam.


This street art intervention is part of a larger art project which aims to generate more visibility and attention to those refugees who are struggling to obtain a legal status. Indeed, due to being neither entitled to social housing nor allowed to work, these people are often forced to live on the street. This action and the overall project seek to make visible the inhumane situation in which they live, in limbo, in between borders, unable to be return to their home country but also unable to build up a life here.


The association decided to organise the action on World Refugee Day in  support of this symbolic international day, which is raised to promote solidarity with refugees and a more humanistic treatment of their situation.


More about A Paper monument for the paperless

A Paper Monument For the Paperless is an Amsterdam-based art project started in 2012 by social artist Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries. It began with a workshop for undocumented refugees, to give them a way to express themselves. It resulted in a series of 60 engraved-in-wood portraits of paperless refugees which have been printed out in posters. In total, 19 artists have been involved in the creative process. The project is now at the stage of distributing the posters and promoting pasting actions through The Netherlands and beyond.


To know more about A paper monument for the paperless :


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