Check out this ASA Artist Interview with Pinwin of Lastplak.
1. We are a big fan of your work. What is coming up that we NEED to know?
Thanks! At the moment I’m in Spain to paint a wall for a beach club at a skydive festival. Ox Alien, Edo Rath and myself are Painting the wall and chill on the beach for a few days. After that I will go on vacation with my lovely wife to the south of France to chill for two weeks. But off course I bring a bag of paint and paint some walls there. There is a deserted train track there which I explored last year with lots of great walls. I am planning to make something there for sure!
2. What mediums do you use at the moment to make the artworks and are there any new progress in new mediums or formats?
I use everything I can paint with from spray paint to latex roller paint, acrylics, oil paint, whatever paints makes me happy! Lately I am working a lot with the new transparent paints wich are on the market, really like what you can do with that paint. I am also working a lot with enamel paint lately, the paint wich they use for pin striping and sign painting. This stuff covers almost on every surface in one time what I really like! If I’m riding my bikes on the streets, I always keep my eyes open for paint anywhere, if I spot a bucket of paint at the garbage. For example I always check if there is something in it and most of the time it is! Of course I have a few brands I prefer but I can work with everything in the end.
3. What is your favorite piece of last year?
I think this is the “Submarine Whale” I painted together with my mate Jons. It is a cross over between a whale and a submarine stranded on the beach. We painted the piece on a very nice spot in Scheveningen close to the Dutch beach. It is always nice to paint a wall on a good spot with a good friend, and this was both!, i think the wall worked out really well and it was a great day. When we were finished we even got a big applause from people living across the wall which was great!
4. What is the next step in to the future of street art in your opinion?
The last few years, I see a big change in the street art scene, a lot of big brands are picking up what we do and sponsor us by inviting us to events and give us materials and stuff. I like this change because its a small step in acceptance of our art form
In Holland, street art is pretty small and not yet accepted by everybody, especially in the art scene. I hope this will change in the next few years. 
5. Which city would you like to conquer next?
I don’t really have a plan to conquer a city or so. I just like to paint a wall with nice people on cool spots, it doesn’t really matter where that wall is. A few years ago, I had a friend over for a few weeks from San Fransisco called “Nesta” from the Lords crew. He invited me back to his place in SF to crash on his couch for a while. So if I have to name a city it would be San Fransisco just to visit him and paint some fresh walls with him. He is a really cool guy with crazy letter styles which I really like!
6. You work also with your crew LASTPLAK. How is to work in a big collective?
Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to work in such a big group. Since we are with 11 crew members the communication is not always easy. For example, sometimes we have a plan when we go out and paint a wall together but when we are at the wall some of us attack the wall like maniacs and the original plan got forgotten right away. This has never been a big issue since painting with the crew is only about having fun and having a good time. We just like to paint together and drink beers and talk bullshit. In the end the wall is most of the time fresh and super colorful, what a lot of people also like. We just love to paint!