Times are hard at the moment with the coronavirus shutting down social lives and all of us needing to stay at home. Now we can’t go outside to spot cool murals and street art, we bring some street art to you! And this time specially, from artists whose art is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Oak Oak

Google funny street art and you’re sure that search results are filled with the hilarious work of Oak Oak. The French artist is always creative with urban surroundings, whether it’s with spray paint, stencils, little statues or just a drop of paint.


iHeart‘s art is always spot on when it comes to making fun of our current addiction to social media and being liked. His Instagram feed is full of works that both make you smile but also set you to thinking.


Also, Norwegian artist Pøbel‘s knows how to make art that sets you to thinking and highlights themes of our current society, as we also showed you in our blog post a few days ago. But every now and then, he makes us smile just by adding a jockey to a not so well drawn penis or showing a grandma taking her ironing board out surfing.

Mark Jenkins

We mentioned Mark Jenkins‘s work before in our Weird Wednesday blog because how weird can it get? He leaves his life-size figures everywhere around, creating absurd situations and startled passers-by. His art does not go unnoticed, resulting in a collab with high-end fashion brand Balenciaga.


Street Art Frankey

Amsterdam based artist Street Art Frankey also has the talent to put a smile on your face wherever he leaves his creative art. Even with the smallest addition, he can give a whole new meaning to traffic signs, street signs, and existing statues. Newspaper Het Parool features his work and he also has a small street art museum in the center of Amsterdam. Make sure to always look around while wandering trough Amsterdam and you might spot his little jokes somewhere unexpected.

Tom Bob

Tom Bob can turn anything in the streets into something totally different. Daily objects, that usually only have one specific use and can be found everywhere, are turned into animals, balloons, mirrors, insects and so on. Why would we only want to look at boring objects if they can be fun at the same time too?

And there’s so much more! A melting SpongeBob square pants, flowers turned into precious artworks, miniature superheroes. Street art is everywhere, big and small, we love it when the works turn a smile on our face and even more when they make us laugh out loud!



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