The duo Pouvelle and their mural “Ctrl+U” leave an explosion of color in the streets -Project 12+1: urban art in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain)- by Contorno Urbano

Pouvelle is a creative studio based in Allariz, Galicia. Their work includes art direction, graphic design, illustration and muralism. In addition to commissioned work they always work on personal projects that allow them to innovate and try new techniques to grow creatively.

Blanca Font and David Segade were selected for this third edition of the 12 + 1 in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

“CtrlU” for the 12+1 in May

“As an artistic collective, we like to work together in the composition of our designs, which is why the creative process itself plays a very important role in the final result of the piece, with a series of colors and shapes that we usually use, our way to form the composition is similar to the assembling of a puzzle, in this way each one continues the forms that the other begins, superimposing and introducing new ones until a balance is found. We like to think of art as a way of expression that brings out the child we carry inside, letting ourselves be guided by the pleasure of applying shapes and colors and feeling its materiality. fruit of our growth and artistic learning, which is why we try to create explosions of color with our recurrent use of a specific pallet of color and both organic and geometric forms that tend to abstraction, being these key elements in our identity. “


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