It’s not a phenomenon you will see often, paintings sticking to your mind and spirit, like a syrupy, viscous mass. But when you do, there’s a great chance you’re dealing with the artist Sjem Bakkus. This dutch artist, Daan Dirven in daily life, owes his name to the dutch spoken language. It stands for stickiness, honesty, and an outspoken open mind.

It’s not easy to describe Sjem Bakkus’ work. The extraordinaire painter has a crazy but funny style, which is characterized in an original way of expression. While checking his work out you will be taken on a fantasy trip through madness and complexity.

His work will ensure that you look further than you would normally do, and besides that it will shake you back and forth between playfulness and structure, between stubborn and sharp and especially between fiction and reality.

Highlights: Miami Art Basel 2013, Miami Art Basel 2014, Grolsch 400 years, Mini concept store, Exhibition GO Gallery, Hotel Casa400.

Media: Graffiti, street art, fine art, canvas, live painting, workshops, creative mind.