An ASA Artist Interview with SOLUS from Ireland.
1. We are a big fan of your work. What is coming up that we NEED to know?
Hi, first of all thank you for asking me to do the interview. I have a few things coming up. I am heading to NYC at the end of the month. I will paint in Brooklyn at the Bushwick collective annual block party and exhibit with the collective. It is great because there is some great artists exhibiting , including the stencil legend, Blek Le Rat. After that I will head to Montreal for a solo exhibition. It is my first solo exhibition outside of Ireland, I have been real busy preparing for that. I am spending all day and night in my studio getting ready. I have roughly two and a half weeks before I ship all my work off.
2. What mediums do you use at the moment to make the artworks and are there any new progress in new mediums or formats?Spray paint, paint markers, brush, acrylic and masonry paint (for large murals). I use stencils for small pieces, large walls are too big to use stencils. I enjoy trying new things and pushing myself all the time.
3. Your story is one with a darker side. Ho w is the boy in a BIG MAN world doing now?
Haha, yes it is all good now, making art keeps me in good shape. When I started to make art without thinking about it, I started to paint a boy in a mans world. After I noticed the theme in my work I decided to stick with the theme whenever possible, sometimes I go off the theme but I always come back to it. It is nice to have a theme to work off.
4. Your style of cutting stencils is specific for you. How did you start with stencils?
I always liked stencils. I started to make them, they were very bad at the beginning. They have improved over time. I do not do the really detailed stencils with many layers, I can do them easily. I prefer just to do a couple of layers. Usually 4, but sometimes just one and I do the shading by hand. That is my own personal preference. For me, it is important that that piece means something and makes people think. 
5. What do you think of Amsterdam from a street art point of view?
I think Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe for street art. I have been there many times. It is not hard to find nice street art. I remember taking a lot of photos of it on my last visit there! I am also looking forward to my next visit.
6. You must have had a lot of highlights the last years. What do you see as your biggest accomplishment of the last few years?
Yes,  I have had some achievements, but I always strive for more. The one that sticks out most was my solo exhibition in Temple Bar in 2010. I was really nervous, but it was a huge success.