We proudly present to you: Street Art Evolution!
A group exhibition with an amazing line-up at the 5&33 gallery of the 5* art’otel, located right opposite to the Amsterdam Central Station.
All participating artists are involved with art on the streets.

Expect some crazy diversity! Founders, keepers, masters and fast growing street art talent will showcase their work.
“If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are all talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe”
Evolution presents by:

  • Hugo Kaagman
  • Rhyme (GVB)
  • Pengo (CBS)
  • Ottograph
  • Laser 3.14
  • BustArt (Swiss)
  • Mick la Rock
  • Tim Boin (Sober Industries)
  • Mr. June
  • Beazarility (Photography)
  • Bier&Brood
  • IVES.one
  • TYLER (India)
  • Pipsqueak was Here!!! (Winner Dutch Street Art Awards 2016)
  • JustDiggit