We spoke to Miel of the street art duo, TElMO/MIEL.
1. We are a big fan of your work. What is coming up that we NEED to know?
If you follow our page you will definitely see some announcements of nice projects that are next in line. We will be doing some mural festivals in and outside of Holland this season, putting together a new show. Also our gallery/shop (sober concept store) is going to have a re-opening on the 5th of June, consider yourself invited!
2. What mediums do you use at the moment to make the artworks and are there any new progress in new mediums or formats?
I just use spray paint on walls, maybe some latex paint here and there. When we work on canvas or board the proces changes to a mixed media approach. So then we use spray paint with acrylic paint and paint markers. At times we also paint with oils. I can see the development in materials growing, every original spray paint brand feels the need now to introduce a water based kind of spray can. It’s a good thing for us, just more toys to play with, but it’s funny to see how every type of paint brand jumps on the hype that is called graffiti or street art. Latest I saw was an acrylic art brand called ‘Amsterdam’ having a new set of spray’s.
3. You did a lot of cool things the last few years. What has been a highlight?
The highlight is the ride we are on, I can’t say otherwise. We decided to start our company in 2012 after finishing art school. And once we got our name out there a little more, positive things started happening. All of the sudden we got invited to some very cool projects and festivals. One in particular is the project ‘theOne’ in Beirut and Abu Dhabi, a massive mural project curated by Karski. He proposed us to the client(s) and we were fortunate to join the painting party. It was one of my favorite projects, not because of the sizzling heat, but more so because I got to paint with some of my heroes in graffiti. It’s still a weird and very good feeling to see our name in a line-up of artists that I used to look up to as a little man.
4. You work in a partnership with Telmo. What does this partnership means for you?
The partnership means everything to me. It’s hard to find a person in this world that you can totally and truly depend on. He is such a great creative talent, and I feel very lucky about what we’ve accomplished together so far.
5. You are a real city kid. Which city would you like to conquer next?
Well, I would love to see all the corners of the world. At the moment we’ve got something planned for Sweden, very excited to see Stockholm. Also Hawaii is high on our list of places to go, we would love to paint at PowWow festival for example.
6. I have seen a big progress in your artwork. What do you think about your own progress of the last years?
Everything has a beginning and an ending, except for creative processes. It’s an ongoing mental struggle about making choices in subjects and style/technique. As we used to focus only on realistic painting, we worked on technique and lighting for a long time. At the moment we are experimenting with some new ideas and styles, and not just painting realistically. So that’s a start to finding a new path in styles and concepts. The only thing that will remain is our love for surrealism, but the question to ourselves is; In what way do we decide to translate that onto the walls? That will be the main question that we will be working with in the next couple of years probably. I’m excited to see were it all goes.