“The 3 rodents”: Xav’s delicate realism
– Proyect 12+1, urban art in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)-

XAV in the 12+1

Xav is a self-taught Spanish graffiti and tattoo artist from Asturias (north of Spain). He is also
a professional mural decorator.
As far as he remembers he was passionate about painting and drawing. So, at the early age of 14 years old, he began to use sprays.
His realistic style impresses by the delicacy of the details and the photographic precision.


Three rodents

The artist was interested in painting rats with his unique sense of details. The mural illustrates perfectly the expression “library rats”, showing rats with pencil and books. Xav hide in the mural the words “Asturias” and “treze”, tribute to the graffiti writer Treze ((@acidcollapse), who passed away in January.

Project 12+1:

12+1 is a proposal put forward by Contorno Urbano:
12 artists, 12 months, one 50 square metre wall, one artistic intervention per month and one final exhibition, presenting each of the artists’ unique work.

12+1 is an open-air art gallery, one which changes each month.
A unique vision which problematizes the way we exhibit urban art, and the place of these artworks in the city.

The project aims to create a space for open dialogue in the city with the highest population density in Europe, in an area which sees over 7000 passers-by each day.

You can find the wall at Calle Rosalía de Castro, just opposite to the L1 metro exit for Torrassa, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

Artists selected for “12+1” 2018:

Zurik, Joan Cabrer, Udane, Alva Moca, Sue 975, Etnik, Perrine Honoré, Xav, Dan Ferrer, Lily Brik, Sepe, Medianeras Murales.

For more info check http://www.contornourbano.com/

Pics: Clara Antón


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