Greek graffiti artist Alex Chien makes both murals and illustrations. He creates satirical, surreal cartoons and illustrations. With his work he addresses the absurdity or significance of social issues and current events but also people and objects. His work and the accompanying titles are always spot on. Here at ASA, we appreciate artists who use their art as a way to tell a story and to speak their mind. Therefore, we asked Alex Chien to send some of his work, including a short story about it. The great thing about art is that it invites you to have your own interpretation about it. On the other hand, when someone makes art with a story behind it, why not let them tell something more about the work. These are The words behind the works by Alex Chien.


Money Lights

The words behind the works by Alex Chien

This artwork presents how people become after love only materials and money . When people love only materialistic things, they become the materials in this picture. I made a lamp which looks like a human and a heart from money to show this.

21st Century Slave

The words behind the works by Alex Chien

On this artwork I illustrated how I see the slaves from the 21st century. By slaves, I mean the people who’re only trying to make money and find a job instead, of doing what they love and live a happy life. They’re slaves of the current society.


The words behind the works by Alex Chien

This artwork shows the addiction of people on pills and technology. We can clearly see that the modern people see things only through their iPhones. That’s why I made it look like a projection with different colors. Moreover, I put the chain in order to show that this event makes people locked from real social activity and make them depressed, so they start using drugs.


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