Italian graffiti/street art duo WASP Crew have just completed their latest mural in the city of Turin in the North of Italy.

WASP comprises of Eddyone a.k.a. Edoardo Kucich and Ride a.k.a. Gabriele Guareschi who have been collaborating since 2007. For this this piece the duo have come together to create this large mural of a stork, “an elegant migratory bird” which they have ‘nested’ on the roof of a building occupied by families living in “emergency housing” and who have been living in these conditions for several years.

“In the nest we have hidden the symbol of the infinite. We wanted to represent the fact that over the years, generations of families from all over the world always have emigrated”
The elegant bird a solemn reminder of the people not only living in the building below but across the globe and their constant struggle to find a place they can call home.
“These events that have always occurred in the history of humanity, and nothing can stop them”
Wasp Crew in Turin, June 2018. Photo courtesy of Wasp Crew


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