Wheat pasting is a cool form of Street Art. Many artists come up with awesome ideas and concepts which are printed extra large or are completely hand drawn. Recently we received the link of this cool documentary about wheat pasting. To be very honest, after seeing this documentary we’re really motivated to bring our voice to the streets.


This documentary came up from a question: “Why do I do this kind of art in the streets?” As this question kept bothering me,  I took point on seeking around other street artists and ask them “What’s the impact that your art causes on yourself and the  city?”, trying to answer within myself what was  the real impact these interventions caused in my soul and consequently the city itself. I’ve searched around 30 artists, shot them wheatpasting and speaking about it and I suddenly realized I had a good material in hands, which could be turned out into a documentary. Then I started editing it and the documentary came to light.


The documentary “Cola na Veia” by MaicknucleaR, is an independent production which explores the plurality of themes and narratives brought by the art made using posters – the wheat pasting – interfering in the urbanization using only paper and wheat paste. The film features 30 artists of the wheat pasting scene, which through their interventions, cause impact in the city bringing along many different expressions having a rich prism of reivindications, messages, and reflexion.



Length: 46:20min
Camera, edition and direction: MaicknucleaR
Camera : Carol Mondin, Evelyn Konig and MaicknucleaR
The film was shot in Sao Paulo and Maua in 2017

Featuring Miurrauze, Discórdia, Giulia Takayama, Marco Maroveral, Rodrigo Creper, Lucas Cachorro, Cauê Maia, Bianca Maciel, Mari Vieira, Ju Reimberg, Gabriel Ribeiro, Emilio Dossi, Bia Ferrer, Marlos Barros, Rafael Prado, Átila Fragoso, Renoir Santos, Aline Fidalgo, Carol Mondin, Lela Brandão, Lane Regato, Raul Zito, Haroldo Paranhos, Marcelo Fazola, Kelly Cristina, Karen Ka, Major, Ygor Marotta, Josias Leal e Ruben Luz.

When I think of wheat pasting I immediately think of 2 artists: Handiedan from Amsterdam & JR Artist from Paris. As you see in the documentary there are a lot of fanatics who all paste with a different reason.

Artist: Handiedan

Artist: JR Artist
We love to see your work or read your opinion about wheat pasting. Feel free to leave a comment or send in your wheat pasted piece of art.

Meet Lars, artist and all-round creative. With his background in graphic design, photography and street art he created an eye for detail and he is willing to give his unsalted opinion about it.


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