“You can’t escape Death” …right?
That’s what we’ve been hearing since we were little from grannies, books and movies. But Zed1‘s last mural in Santander, Spain, tells us a different story. As we all know, leading a balanced life and taking care of our bodies keep us healthy and young. Separating us as much as possible from the frightening meeting we’ll all have to face with the Grim Reaper, sooner or later. Because “You can’t escape Death” …right?
This is the message Zed1 has wanted to send with his mural named ‘Alejar a la muerte’, which means “stay out of death”. He’s painted a courageous knight who cuts through the sea, bringing all sorts of fruit and veggies with him. Some spinach, blueberries, ginger and garlic. He fearlessly moves forward, facing Death with a carrot sword and a pomegranate shield. These specific ingredients are well-known to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Details from Alejar a la muerte

The inspiration for this mural came to the artist months ago, when Zed1 decided to pay more attention to his eating habits, even though it hasn’t lasted for long. In more than one occasion, the sketch of the artwork was declined because of the Death’s presence. It was considered to be excessively gloomy to be on a city wall. Many people thought it would have scared children off and made the elderly furious..
Thankfully, the city of Santander didn’t think so. Even after a few doubts about it from the managers of the Desvelarte Festival. At the end, everything went smoothly, and the mural has gifted the city with a great artwork that has conquered everyone’s heart, fostering constructive discussions between the bystanders.
Alejar a la muerte by Zed1

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