Get ready for a visual extravaganza as Almere Haven gears up to host the annual Docks, Mural & Graffiti Event 2023! Following the tremendous success of its early 2000s predecessor ‘Meeting of Styles’, this year’s event promises to be spectacular. On the weekend of August 19th, a 100-meter-long gray wall in Almere Haven will be magically transformed into a colorful piece of art, painted by renowned (inter)national graffiti artists.

This initiative by District 13 (DC13), brings forth a unique collaboration with us, Amsterdam Street Art (ASA). DC13 is devoted to promoting urban arts (and its community) in Almere and Flevoland, with a tremendous mission to strengthen the voices of various urban subcultures and provide them with a platform for artistic expression. With over 12 years of experience in organizing and producing large-scale street art projects, ASA is well-equipped to contribute to the solid foundation of this annual repeated event. Together, DC13 and ASA ensure a promising future for this celebration of street art.

On the 19th of August, a talented group of over 15 (inter)national artists, including some local names, will gather near the Plastopil building to leave their creative imprint. Six large sections of the wall will be the canvas of the large mural paintings and we have a large wall for a group of 12 renowned graffiti writers.

Get ready for a weekend filled endless inspiration! The main event is set for August 19th, where you can witness the artists in action, bringing their creativity to life. Alternatively, channel your own inner street artist by participating in an engaging graffiti workshop.

The area around Steiger 46 in Almere will be brimming with creative energy throughout the entire weekend. From August 18th to the 20th, Reigers Inn will host an extraordinary art exhibition showcasing the exceptional works of participating artists. The grand artwork will begin taking shape on the 18th and culminate in its completion on the 20th. Don’t miss this Impressive celebration of urban culture!

Attend the facebook event here!

Joram Roukes
Sjaak Kooij
AnnaOvni (ES)
Pipsqueak was here!!!
Chas LoveLetters
Eklor (FR)
Luis Sanchez (MX)
Daddies Nasties Sons


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