Wall Stories

Where two worlds collide, magic happens, and that's exactly what went down when the KNVB suggested the art collective Kamp Seedorf to create 19...

Klimaat op straat

In 2021 ASA was asked to produce a street art project for the Klimaatmuseum. The Klimaatmuseum is a pop-up museum and stimulates / facilitates...

Klimaat op straat – Climate on the street

Together with the Klimaatmuseum we will host several creative activities to raise awareness about the climate crisis. This might sound a bit strange since...

Moxy Brussels

The last couple of years ASA artists from all over the globe have painted in several new Moxy hotels. From full color mural productions,...

ASA x bGrid

On a regular base we work with a wide orientated group of companies who all are interested in urban/contemporary art or specific Street Art....

“Kantje Pikken”

After quite some time we can finally announce that the first murals are painted in IJmuiden. This raw harbour village, famous about their awesome...
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