Amsterdam Street Art

Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) originated from the love for street art. We want street art to receive the recognition it deserves. Our goal is to contribute to achieve this. Since 2010 we created a worldwide platform where we bridge the gap between artists, people who are interested in art and who would like to learn anything about art. Besides daily posting pictures on our social media channels from the newest murals, we also write in-depth articles on our website. On our website you can find interviews with artists, gallery owners and other promoters in the field of art and creativity. We write reviews about exhibitions, books and movies related to street art. We give our opinion about current events in the art scene and let our visitor get to know the world of street art in all kinds of ways.


Our mission is to show everyone street art contributes to the world in several ways. Street artists make art that’s available for everyone to see and enjoy. Art on the streets is not only decorative but often tells a story or consists a message that’s important for people to know. By approaching street art on our website from different perspectives, we hope to make everyone acquainted and enthusiastic with this beautiful art form!

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