Amsterdam Street Art

Due to a huge dedication and love for street art, we as a group of creatives, set up ASA in 2010. Now, 10 years later, we created a worldwide platform where we bridge the gap between artists and people. We apply to everyone who shares our love for street art or likes to learn more about the art form. It is our goal to contribute that street art gets the recognition it deserves. We organize exhibitions, guerrilla actions, street art events and set up on-of-a-kind projects to give street art a boost. Besides that, we function as an agency to connect artists to events and commercial companies.

Our platform
street art

How we support street art is comprehensive. For your daily dose, we share the newest murals on our Facebook and Instagram. For the latest news, interviews and in-depth articles, you can visit our website where we keep you up to date with everything street art-related. Looking for ways to give your company a creative boost? Connecting you with one of our talented artists is the ideal way to involve street art with your business. Feel free to contact us to receive more information or to brainstorm about the creative possibilities we can offer.



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