ASA thrives on creative collaborations, but we often stumble on misconceptions about commissioned work. Some might believe it’s just a matter of providing a design to be mindlessly replicated, while others fear being left in the dark, unsure of what the artist will create. The truth is that it’s all about striking the perfect balance. And working with the Moxy hotel chain is the perfect example of that.

When we take on a project for Moxy we always have a similar approach: Apto Architects provides a graffiti direction—a general idea of what should adorn each wall and how large the artwork should be. Using our portfolio of 400 talented artists, we carefully select an artist who aligns with the project’s vision. It is crucial to us that the artist retains their artistic freedom throughout the process.

When the time comes, we gather the group of artists and head to the hotel. However, we never quite know what to expect upon arrival. Since Moxy Hotels are always built from the ground up, we encounter a range of situations. Sometimes, we’re dodging fresh-out-of-the-box chairs and sofas, making sure they don’t get an unexpected paint job. Other times, we’re filling out safety forms while standing in a muddy construction pit.

Painting in the lounge Moxy hotel Plymouth

Our latest adventure took us to Plymouth, a historic port city in England. You might know it as the place where the Mayflower set sail with the Pilgrims in 1620. That nautical tale inspired the designs, and we found the perfect artists to unleash a wave of creativity. Marcus Wedman was chosen for his exceptional realistic painting skills and was the perfect person to create his own version of the Mayflower. Elmer Tuinstra, an established artist with experience in painting maritime scenery was an ideal fit for this project where he could freely express his creativity. Kristal Steenbergen, a talented illustrator known for her unique illustration and doodles, seamlessly integrated her style into the maritieme project. Simian Switch, renowned for his amazing characters, brought his distinctive style that was well-suited for the overall concept. The rough doodle concept, visible throughout the entire hotel, was successfully executed by the ASA team.

While Apto Architects provide a starting point, at ASA we take on the job to ensure the artistic freedom of the artist. When you’re commissioning artists to paint your building, you gotta let them spread their artistic wings. Sure, you can give some input on what you’d like, but don’t go overboard with the directing. The whole point of having artists paint your location is to have them unleash their boundless creativity. Moxy gets that.

Executing Moxy projects is no small feat. These large-scale projects require some planning and due to the nature of building Moxy Hotels we sometimes also have to deal with the whole project being delayed. On location we work from early morning until late at night to get the project done. But when the job is done, you bet we take some time to soak up the surroundings. 

After our Plymouth adventure, we found ourselves with quite some leftover paint. Now, we couldn’t just pack it up and take it home, and Moxy didn’t need it either.  So we connected with Plymouth Artists Together, an organization that coordinates various art projects in the area, and were able to donate all of it. 

We absolutely love projects like these with Moxy Hotels. At Amsterdam Street Art, we take great joy in connecting street artists with commissioned work that allows them to do what they love most. Supporting their creative pursuits is our passion, and we look forward to continuing to bring their incredible talent to new projects and spaces.


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