Every week artists are hitting the streets and sharing their latest work with us. Enjoy Weekly ASA #9!

scaf 3d street art

Very cool 3d mural by SCAF.

bronik street art

“Childhood” “What one loves in childhood, stays in the heart forever.” by BRONIK.

levalet street art

“Tourner en rond” by French artist Levalet in Reims.

unegsurfer jordi alos the joker

This cool The Joker wall is a collab between Unegsurfer and Jordi Alós, specially made for the premiere of the movie.


Dan23 street art

Funky colored birds by DAN23.

bust the drip

Bust the Drip calls his work an “Organized Sum of Waves”. This artwork shows a great technique of movement.

pixelpancho street art

HUGE mural in Dallas by PixelPancho, curated by Gold Man Global Arts. Picture by Chop ’em down films. 

fintan magee street art

Fintan Magee‘s new mural in Corn, Ireland ‘Woman with Dog and Mexican Fleabane’ for Walls Project 2019. The mural tells a whole history, so be sure to check out the artist’s Instagram to find out.

Carl Kenz street art

“SUPER SHROOM HERO” is Carl KENZ‘s own version of a superhero. The mural is painted during My Type Jam in Mannheim, Germany.

charles williams street art

Charles Williams painted “Save the Manumea” on the Samoa Islands.

Deity Art street art

Beautiful work by DEITY in Los Angeles: “This mural is named “ I Am Love” because regardless of your sexual orientation, remember that you are the definition of LOVE.” The message is beautiful too.


ruben poncia street art

adry del rocio

Nice result of two murals in Helsingør, Denmark by Adry Del Rocio and Ruben Poncia.

Stay creative and see you next week!



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