Every week artists are hitting the streets and sharing their latest work with us. Enjoy Weekly ASA #10!

rosco graffiti street art

Great and intense work by Rosco Graffiti.

Cool colorful mural by Utopia in Lisboa, Portugal.

Odeith street art

Another week, another amazing Odeith work. Check out the scary clown!

b0rdalo ii street art

This work by b0rdallo_ii is not even finished, but already stunning.

NILS street art

Great new mural by NILS. Check out the artist himself on top of the wall for scale.

Bol.com AlgemeenBol.com Algemeen

Faith47 street art

Another big and beautiful mural by Faith47. ‘Optimism is a Strategy for Making a Better Future.’ -Noam Chomsky

andre muniz gonzaga dalata street art

Such a cool work by Andre Muniz Gonzaga Dalata.

Kenneth letsoin street art

Bring color to the cities! Work by Kenneth Letsoin in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

royyaldog street art

This painting of a beautiful girl is made by Royyaldog.

A little reminder that every wall can be used as a canvas. Work by Olive47.

Stay creative and see you next week!


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