A meeting with Himed & Reyben

What achievement makes you the most proud ?



Favourite Dutch food ( if you know anything of course )

I haven’t eaten Dutch food yet, but I hope to try it soon



From who did you learned the most ?

the streets


What do you really love ?

cut and paint



Which museum you like to curate for 1 exhibition. 

I really don’t know a lot about museums I guess  Im not interested , I prefer paint in the streets


With who would you like to do a collaboration ?

Escif and Blue



What is your biggest disappointment ?

Uhm interesting question, I don’t know


Which exhibition that you have seen, inspired you the most.

Recently I was in Berlin, the streets, the environment, the walls makes me feel so inspired



Who would you like to be for 1 day ?


Rembrandt or Mondriaan and why ?

Rembrandt , small works with a lot of details



What is your best quality ?

I guess is cut, hahaha


Favourite Song

I have a lot of favorite songs, but Converting vegeterians-Infected Mushroom and Their law- The prodigy are so special for me



Do you have a (strange) ritual ?



When is the last time you had to cry ? U

Uhm I really don’t remember

What is your goal for this year ?

Cut and paint


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