Mark your agenda! The 26th of January 2019 ASA’s new exhibition 28 STARS European Union Art Show will open its doors. Hereby we cordially invite you to join us at the opening and visit the show that’s on display till March 16 at GO Gallery Amsterdam. 

Last week we introduced you to the frist seven artists. Now it’s time for the following seven artists of the European line up.

Hungary: Mr. Zero

28 stars art show

Mr. Zero started his career at a young age. He already draws since his childhood and in 1994 he sprayed his first wall. You can recognize his style by the comic/cartoon based pieces inspired by the characters and comic heroes of his childhood.

Italy: Peeta 

28 stars art show

Peeta makes pictorial work, sculptures and murals, all with geometrical shapes that interact with the surrounding environment. When he paints on walls, he aims to create a dialogue with the structural and cultural parameters of the surrounding context, either architectural or not.

Croatia: Slaven Lunar Kosanovic

28 stars art show

Slaven Lunar Kosanovic emerged from the early Croation graffiti scene, as you can still see in his work. He paints, exhibits and publishes his work worldwide. You can identify his work as there’s always a cat-inspired figure who’s surrounded by graffiti.

Latvia: KIWIE

28 stars art show

KIWIE ‘s goal is to give a place to his ‘fat monster’ in every country around the world. As he says his self his art is ‘something made by combining two or more different elements’. And what’s not to love about that? And how many fat monsters can say they have their own bubble gum?

Luxembourg: Daniel Mac Lloyd

28 stars eu show

Daniel Mac Lloyd’s work is powerful an explosive. Like a volcanic eruption made of watercolor. He won the award for Young Talent during the Street Art Awards Benelux 2018, and his career is on an upward trend. A guy to keep an eye on.

Malta: Twitch

28 stars eu show

Twitch his work is surreal and sometimes crazy. But in a good way. With his work he shows something different and he’s really not afraid to make a statement and to raise awareness about subjects we all have an opinion about.

Austria: Fresh Max

28 stars art show

FRESH MAX might exactly makes the work that most people imagine when thinking about a combination between graffiti and street art. He loves to travel a lot and paint everywhere he gets, and you can clearly see his passion when you look at his work. It’s bright, it’s edgy, it’s his very own style.

Keep an eye on our website, next week we’ll tell you more about the next 7 artists.

In the meantime, check out the Facebook event and attend our show!     


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