Dutch Street Art Awards 2017

Last Saturday we organized the 2nd edition of the Dutch Street Art Awards in Amsterdam together with our partner Boomerang.

After months of preparation the doors opened at 19:00. The one and only Jackson gave all the visitors a warm welcome. The location this year was an old church, the Posthoornkerk, which gave an extra ambiance to the whole event. Of course the orange carpet, the life size characters made by some the best Street Artists and the dress to impress request on the invite was what made it complete.

For us its important that all the artists and their guests are going home with a good feeling, because they are the ones who work very hard all year to show their talents. For most artists it’s a struggle to survive or to keep their heads out of debts while,at the same time, figuring out  a way to be a full time artist or work part time next to it. This event is ment to say THANK YOU to all of you.

The hardworking guys and girls with a family to support and the youngsters who are still in school and study, we like to show you our appreciation. An event where you don’t have to do anything but just be there and meet your friends and colleagues, where you can talk about a finished project, make new plans or even meet new connections for the future.

This year we had 10 different categories and a fine  jury consisting out of 7 members. The jury went through all the photos and chose the nominees out of all the work that was sent in through our website.  On the day of the awards they chose the winners in all the categories. The jury worked hard on making the best decision. Check the link for the jury reports of all winners

Where some artists love the spot light there are many artists in the world of Street Art who love to stay anonymous. This year we had some winners that would rather notbe in the spotlight. Two of those winners were Kamp Seedorf (Best Message) and the KBTR (Peoples Favorite). This year we also had some new catogories, the price for Local Government (which was won by the Dutch city Heerlen)  and also the price for Epic Event (won by Kings of Colors from Den Bosch). Droos86 was the winner of Best Photographer and JDL got the award for Best young talent. It was a unlucky situation that Zedz (winner of Global Mural) just returned home that morning, but he sent a great replacement to get his price. The award for best Dutch Mural went to Karski&Beyond  and eventhough it’s only our 2nd edition of the awards, the GO Gallery won the price in the category “Best Gallery” for the 2nd time in a row.

The host of the awards was Birgit Schuurmans who, with her expierence in the world of street-art, did a great job and we would like to thank her for hosting the show so smoothly.

After all the prices were given to the winners it was time for a small party and to socialize with a Gin Tonic or a cold beer. We had a great and warm day so everyone stayed in the garden for a chat. After all the craziness our sponsors also made it possible to give everyone a goodie-bag filled with great items. We just hope everyone enjoyed their evening and we would love to see you all again next year!

All photos are made by ©KIRSTENVANSANTEN


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